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Event Medical Support in Bali

Events are how we connect, build community and engage in our passions. That’s why safety is essential to keeping our events running for the long-haul. At Evolve Emergency Medical Services, we bring exceptional, non-judgmental medical care to the world’s largest events, so that communities can connect with safety and peace-of-mind.


Our only mission is to keep all of your guests safe. With many years of experience in events large & small, we are experts in preventing medical emergencies before they happen and handling them safely and effectively if they do occur. Our passion-driven team of medical professionals is highly trained specifically for event medical safety, emergency management and emergency medical care.


Event organisers are required to ensure people attending and impacted by their event are safe and that the event venue is secure. This requirement includes staff, participants, spectators, staff, volunteers, officials, media and the general public. When adequate medical services are provided at events, emergency response time is minimised, ambulance call outs are reserved for those who really need them and emergency department admissions are reduced. It all adds up to a more successful event and less chance of negative publicity.


Because we understand the culture of events, entertainment & art, we approach medical care without judgment, creating an environment where guests in need feel accepted and supported in seeking treatment. Partnering with Evolve provides peace-of-mind that your event and your guests are being cared for by experts—so you can focus on bringing people together and we’ll make sure everyone goes home safely.


Why HydroMedical?

Passionate Medical Experts

We are passionate about keeping events fun and guests safe. That’s why we only hire the best-of-the-best and devote their talents exclusively to event medicine. All of our medical professionals are certified and highly trained in emergency management and emergency medical care. Prioritizing our employee’s satisfaction creates a strong, highly motivated team that is singularly focused on the success and safety of your event.


Event-Specific Experience

With many years of experience, we are experts in event medicine. Local events at the heart of a community, and everything in between. We have seen and prepared for it all. When safety is at stake, this level of expertise not only means fewer hospital bills and unnecessary ambulance rides. It can be the difference between a celebrated success and a cancelled event– or even life or death for your guests.


Prevent & Adapt Approach

We take a proactive approach to emergency services, starting with comprehensive emergency action plans, critical incident planning, and close coordination with all agencies and stakeholders. Our expert team is actively looking for potential issues in hopes of preventing a larger incident. If issues do arise, we’re trained to adapt to the unexpected, taking on emergencies with skill and steady hands to keep your guests’ safety, and your organization’s long-term goals at the forefront at all times.


Minimise your risks

By having effective medical services at your event, you can minimise risks and ensure people get immediate medical attention if they need it.


Here are some facts related to risk at events:

  • Large crowds create the potential for injury
  • By their nature, sporting events have a risk of serious injury
  • Any event with alcohol has a higher risk of injury
  • Weather can have a major impact
  • Certain types of events have much higher risk than others


Are you ready to take your event to the next level? Don’t hesitate to contact us at hydro medical Bali. We are ready to make your event more enjoyable and be the safest event at the moment.