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Your Essential Vaccination Guide in Bali

Vaccinations work by exposing the body to a germs or parts of germs of the disease it will protect against. You can’t get the disease from the vaccine because the viruses or bacteria are dead

Exploring Bali’s Hidden Gems with Family

Searching for those hidden gems in Bali to get the most out of your adventure? Bali, often called the Island of the Gods, is an enchanting destination filled with natural wonders, beautiful landscapes, and rich

Maintaining Health for Family Travelers in Bali

It can also be challenging to maintain a healthy routine when you’re on the road. Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. From indulging in foreign foods to sitting for long hours on planes, staying

Embracing the Balinese Spirit as an Expat

Bali is a very spiritual country where many religions are tolerated and consist of Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist minorities. The predominant religion is Hinduism. Balinese Hinduism, called Agama Hindu Dharma, originated from Java and is

Dental Treatments at Hydro Medical for Expats in Bali

Dental treatments are specialized visits to treat issues with fillings, deep teeth cleanings, root canals, teeth removal, and more. Dental treatments are scheduled on an as-needed basis, while dental check-ups follow a regular schedule. Planning

Staying Hydrated in Bali’s Tropical Climate

Tropical holidays are designed to be all about having fun under the sun, enjoying everything an island escape should be about. One thing that we should keep in mind is that getting sick during your

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