The Non-Political Interesting Facts of G20 2022

The G20 is a multilateral forum bringing together 19 of the world’s major economies and the European Union (EU). Its members account for more than 60% of the world population, 75% of global trade and more than 80% of world GDP. The members include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, […]

How Preventive Dentistry Keeps Teeth Clean at Any Age

Teeth, just like any other part of the body, may be protected against disease, decay, or loss. Preventive dentistry is the name given to the various techniques used by dental practitioners to keep teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. Concerns about dental and oral health have exploded across the world. People are concerned with […]

Top 10 Dental Questions You Should ask

Just about every dental procedure starts with a consultation. This gives the dentist a chance to assess the state of your teeth and come up with the best solution for your smile. In order to get the most out of your dental consultation, you may want to figure out what questions you’re going to ask […]

Getting to Know Balinese “Mapeed” Ritual

One of Bali’s most iconic ceremonies is the Mapeed – or sometimes mepeed – where lines of Balinese women walk together as ritual. Mepeed or peed is a unique tradition that exists in several villages in Bali. The Hindu community in Bali has long had a unique culture, beautiful, rich in meaning and full of […]

5 Diseases In Rainy Season That You Should Be Aware Of

Rainy season brings lot of fun, greenery and cool climate with it. However, it also invites lot of health disorders as well. Dealing with such illnesses associated with rainy season is not very difficult. You should be aware of certain quick remedies if you cope with such illnesses due to rainy season. Parents of small […]

Foods That Clean Your Lungs Naturally And Strengthen Immunity

Maintaining the health of the lungs is essential for keeping the rest of the body healthy. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to air pollution results in 4.2 million deaths. Cigarette smoking is the cause of death for 1 in every 5 people. As the lungs are self-cleaning organs, this means they can […]

Loneliness Linked To Higher Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Loneliness imparts a higher risk of death at a level similar to factors like smoking and alcohol consumption. New research suggests that loneliness may also play a role in developing type 2 diabetes. Published in the journal Diabetologia, a new study from researchers at Kings College London found that those who were lonely were more […]

The Difference Between Verorab & Immunoglobulin

Rabies vaccine is a vaccine to prevent rabies disease. Rabies vaccine is an inactivated vaccine made by the attenuated strain of the rabies virus. This vaccine induces antibody production against the rabies virus in the human body. Currently, there are numerous rabies vaccines available to treat rabies. They are usually safe and effective. Rabies is […]

Bali Chocolate Holiday Travel Guide

Bali produces some of the finest chocolate on planet earth? Yes, it is true! In fact, Indonesia is the third largest producer of cacao and if you are a fellow chocolate addict holidaying on Bali Island, we got some inspirational ideas to add a bit of choco sweetness to your stay. This is our guide […]

Bali Hotels Around 100k, Backpackers Will Crave For This

Near-end holiday is just around the corner! Woohoo! We are sure that you are just excited as we are, aren’t you? Do you perhaps yearn for that affordable year-end backpacking trip in our most-beloved Bali? Well, of course, you could! Though Bali is often associated with luxury visits due to its high-end villas with spectacular […]