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How to Treat Surfing Cuts and Prevent Infection

Surfing cuts and infections are a big deal… They require immediate attention to avoid countless health problems. Your surf trip will eventually become a nightmare if your reef cuts lead to infections that can adversely affect your overall health. The coral reefs throughout Indonesia contain unusual nasty bacteria and toxins. Foreign debris and coral spores […]

Gum Inflammation: Why a Dentist Visit Matters

What causes inflamed gums? If you have swollen, inflamed gums, then serious discomfort may become a factor. The most common cause of inflammation is gum disease, but poor oral hygiene, improper brushing or flossing, tobacco use, medical treatments, hormone changes, and irritation from dental appliances such as dentures or braces can also play a role. […]

Traveler’s Diarrhea: Prevention and Treatment Tips

Traveller’s diarrhea is the most common health condition suffered by tourists when abroad. Not only can it upset your body’s natural rhythm, but it can also ruin your holiday. If you’re looking for some expert advice on how to prevent traveller’s diarrhea, you’re in luck. Here, we’ll be covering what traveller’s diarrhea is, common symptoms […]

Bug Bites in Bali: Preventing Those Itchy Welts

The initial contact of a bite may be painful. It’s often followed by an allergic reaction to venom deposited into your skin through the animal’s mouth or stinger. The appearance can vary. Whether you’re in the water, on a mountain trail, or in your backyard, wildlife you encounter have ways of protecting themselves and their […]

Your Essential Vaccination Guide in Bali

Vaccinations work by exposing the body to a germs or parts of germs of the disease it will protect against. You can’t get the disease from the vaccine because the viruses or bacteria are dead or severely weakened. The body responds to the vaccination by making antibodies that will protect you if you are exposed […]

Don’t Let Dengue Fever Derail Your Long-Term Bali Dream

Dengue fever, or breakbone fever, results from a viral infection carried by Aedes mosquitoes. Symptoms include a high fever and body aches. Severe dengue can involve shock and haemorrhagic fever. It can be life-threatening and needs urgent medical treatment. Four different viruses can cause dengue fever. Symptoms range of dengue fever from mild to severe. […]

Preventing and Treating Ear Infections for Long-Term Bali Travelers

Ear infections can be either bacterial or viral infections. They can occur in your middle ear, the part of your ear just behind your eardrum, as well as the outer and inner ear. They often clear up on their own but can be painful due to inflammation or fluid build-up. Ear infections can be chronic […]

Long Stay in Bali? Smile Bright with Dental Care Tips for Nomads

Dental care or treatments are specialized visits to treat issues with fillings, deep teeth cleanings, root canals, teeth removal, and more. Dental treatments are scheduled on an as-needed basis, while dental check-ups follow a regular schedule. Planning regular dental check-ups can prevent the need for dental treatments. Everyone should go for dental check-ups. These routine […]

Exploring Bali’s Hidden Gems with Family

Searching for those hidden gems in Bali to get the most out of your adventure? Bali, often called the Island of the Gods, is an enchanting destination filled with natural wonders, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture. While many tourists flock to the well-known spots, numerous hidden gems are still scattered throughout the island, waiting for […]

Maintaining Health for Family Travelers in Bali

It can also be challenging to maintain a healthy routine when you’re on the road. Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. From indulging in foreign foods to sitting for long hours on planes, staying healthy while traveling requires intentional effort. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your mind and body […]