It is one of the best way to learn about the world. To see the world, to see behind walls, draw closer, and to feel, that is the purpose.

If there is any other thing beside the backpack or the suitcase including all your belongings, what do you think the most important thing to be carried? It is your presence of mind, the simple yet valuable thing you have that is often forget.

Everyone can fly, everyone can go anywhere. You can go as many, and as far as you can. But globetrotters must understand their impact when visiting the places that they love.

Each country has its rules, cultures and behaviour. Those things are inseparable with the tourism itself. If we could understand it, the key is to respect.

Just like the saying, when in Rome, do as Rome does. When you travel to some place, act like the local guys do!

So, why do we have to talk about this respect thing?

Recently, there is a screenshot, spread through the social media, showed a foreign tourist recklessly climbed one of the statue in the complex area of The Holy Besakih Temple, Karangasem!

This definitely becomes viral…

The details about when the video was created, was not sure yet, but it is clearly showed some disrespect action from one of the visitors and the netizens condemned it, especially the Hindus people.

The netizens asked the authorities immediately to take an investigation to this case.

To eliminate the anger of the Hindus, the person who is in the video, …

..claim to be named Bernat, made an apology through a video with his YouTube account. He said that he didn’t knew that it was forbidden to do it… (really??)

Let’s not talk about whether it is enough to just say sorry or he must be responsible for his doing. The more important is we take a closer look about this case.

Bali, as we know, not only known for their beautiful nature, big waves, and many cool places, but also known for their religious culture.

Most of original Balinese people, is an obedient Hindu.

They honour the balance of life. They believe that everything must be maintain, and conserve. A prayer is one of their symbols to thank the God and all the elements that guard the earth.

The small or big statue that we often see in the temple or in the typical Balinese home, is their media to convey their prayer. They sanctify it, and take care of it every day.

This is something they believe, and that we should respect.

Perhaps we can take a good point of it, where we can always be grateful for what we have in life, and preserve what we consider to be our precious things in life.

That behaviour showed in the screenshot is disgraceful, and strictly prohibited.

When you think about doing something outside your area, we suggest you to hold it and ask the local people if its allowed or not, especially when you clearly don’t see your surroundings do something that you have in mind.

In this case, the temple is sacred.

Same like any other worship place in the world. And we really hope, everyone can respect it. So, treat others like you want to be treated, then you can feel enjoy in life.

Traveling can be a unique experience, since the differences in every culture always exist.

Every place we visited, we look our surroundings, take lesson from them and we can imagine how their culture is.

Just don’t forget to not measure others by your own yardstick, so you can take a closer look and learn to understand.

How happy is it, if all people can relate to this, right?