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Hang loose! Let Me Tell You About Three Legendary and Influential Surfers You Need to Know About. You can start to learn the Sport here in Bali waves and mind to keep yourself hydrated

Here we list three legendary surfers you need to know about..

You know, to give you some motivation finishing those remaining days of surf lessons you’ve paid for after spending some time doubting if you’ll ever be able to even master the board.

Because it is easy to fall in love with surfing.

Originally dubbed the sport of the kings by the native Hawaiians,

This water sport has now reached world recognition with professional competitions being held around the globe year after year.

Moreover if you’re spending some time in a surfing paradise like Bali.

We love this island so much where both local and international surfers are seen riding the waves most of the days.

Duke Kahanamoku – appropriately known as “The Duke,”

Kahanamoku was born in Honolulu, 1890, as the eldest of five siblings; all of which were greatly known for their skills in water sport.

His skill, however, was clearly much above his younger siblings, and apparently almost everyone else; with some world records and gold Olympic medals supporting the fact.

The Duke died at 77 years old, after a lifetime of dedication for the sport. In 1999, he was posthumously given the title of theSurfer of the Century” and has been hailed as the father of modern surfing.

Kelly Slater – no article about surf legends is complete without mentioning this guy.

Starting his career in ’91, Slater has won so many awards and titles; much more than almost any other athletes in the world.

Born in 1972 Florida, he began surfing at the age of six and started a professional career by the time he was eighteen. Slater has since then been riding the best of the best waves, so much so that he practically broke every pro surfing record available by 2011.

These accomplishments see Kelly Slater as a local hero for his hometown of Florida; as seen from a 10-foot statue and a holiday dedicated to the “Greatest Surfer of All Time”, a title given to him by Surfer Magazine, so great, that the Smithsonian put his board on display.

Kathy “Gidget” Kohner – this California girl began surfing Malibu beach in the ‘50s, and quickly became a favorite among the local surf scene that they made her the mascot for the community.

The nickname “gidget” is believed to be a short for “girl-midget,” as Terry “Tubesteak” Tracy used to call her.

As the name sticks, Kathy’s screen-writer father used it in a book about her surfing stories published in 1957. When it became a movie two years later, the phenomenon hit the quiet Malibu beach and turned it into the lifestyle it is all about now.

In many ways, this movie – along with the impact it has brought upon – was believed to be the beginning of the surf culture to be what we know today.

Now that you know three of the most influential and legendary surfers, would you reconsider finishing the course and try once more to ride above the waves?

We hope you would; just don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated as it is so easy to get dehydrated when you’re spending hours in the salt water, under the burning sun.

Don’t worry, you go chase that dream of yours, and let Hydro Medical takes care of your hydrating need.

Enjoy your stay, and as they say all the time, hang loose!