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The viral video you love to watch on internet, Have you ever wonder what really makes it goes viral?

Well fact is The videos and memes you keep seeing on your feeds aren’t an accident. There are three principles that drive videos go viral.

Let us take you back a little bit,

Since the internet discovered as the most amazing product of technology today, We are all certainly agree; the world is rapidly changing since we use it in various areas of life.

Just have a pause and look at us now,

The benefits of the internet are extraordinary, its existence has become the fourth primary needs, after the need for food, clothing and boards.

And now, we are currently in the age of internet, where any information can be obtained easily. Whether it is a small thing like cooking recipes, to stock buying and selling. From a “work” thing, to a “fun” thing. Here you go, the internet has it all.

And viral video is the most popular thing in the internet now.

What is viral video anyway? Viral video is basically a video that becomes popular through a viral process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.

YouTube has become a modern phenomenon, it has been a main site to share the videos. And WELOVE IT!

Remember when YouTube after initially being about viral videos like the most popular “Charlie bit my finger!” that just entertaining, well it is now much more than that with the “How To” category being the fastest growing segment.

Do you know that now YouTube is even being used as a tool to teach high level mathematics and other academic subjects which assisting many students pass university degrees. Interested? …
You can make your recorded videos go viral. Here goes the three principles ingredients that you must apply…

First is about “practical value”. Useful things are good to share. People like to share practical, useful information simply because it’s beneficial to their friends and family. It is too good to keep a secret. One of the things that researchers found is that viral videos all have a sense to share. While some videos may be too controversial or promotional, the ones that provide emotional impact with a plot twist are easy for people to share with their family and friends, especially on social media.

Second, we are also motivated by “emotional triggers”. When we care, we share. Humans are social creatures by nature. We love to share our opinions. So, when we found something that’s funny, informative, or awesome, we need to tell everyone. Emotion is behind almost every single viral Facebook video. People who share the videos want others to share the experience, whether it’s laughing or cringing during a moment on-screen. Once the viewer is overwhelmed with emotion, they share.

Third, is because that video has a “plot twist”. Whether it’s unpredictability or some form of plot twist, people love the unexpected ones. Most people who watch viral videos are surprised by the way it unfolds.
However, it’s impossible to predict whether something will become a viral video, but we can control over the factors that are likely to increase the chances.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and make your Videos viral!