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Rainy season is now! It is windy, the road is wet and a little bit slippery, or sometimes you’ll see a “small pool” in the side of the road… Now you’re worry, what can you do in this typical weather? Is it still going to be fine? Is it safe enough to traveling around? What do you have to prepare in this kind of situation?

In case you’re wondering, we would like to say that you do not have to be worry. You can still enjoy your stay here in Bali.

Indoor destination is an option. You can do some culinary activities, like food hunting, find a nice café or restaurant to eat together, have a casual chat while eating coffee or tea. Visit museums also an option. Watching movies on shopping mall (yes, our cinemas are mostly inside the shopping mall). Or you can just stay at the villa, watching DVD, cooking, etc.

But if you’re bored and plan to go out, here is four tips to travel safe and fun during the rainy days.

Number one, look at the sky, and check the weather forecasts for at least a day before you plan to go. By doing this preparation, you can also choose the right place to go.

You can choose a “safe place” to get rid of floods or landslides. If it is going to be rain a lot all day, you might don’t want to go to the beach to swim. The mountains are okay, but always pay attention and be careful.

To check the weather forecasts, you can go to the official site of BMKG (Indonesia Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics) or some other sites of weather forecasts.

Number two, if you want to go outside, always bring umbrella or raincoat. These might be the main things you don’t want to forget.

The weather in tropical island when it comes to rainy season is not so cold. But we suggest you to wear a sweater or jacket. Because the wind will “attack” you. You don’t want to catch a cold or otherwise the rest of your days will be ruin.

Number three, bring extra clothes and underwear. We never know, we need to prepare it, in case we get wet sometimes. When it is wet, you will not be able to wear for a day. Don’t forget to bring plastic bag to put your wet clothes, and sandals as well. Sandals will become your favorite footwear in this kind of situation.

Number four, the most important is to stay healthy. You should look after your body. If you’re sick, certainly it will make the holiday less exciting.

Bring a box containing drugs, such as stomach pain medication, aspirin, cough and cold medicine, drugs for wound, and eucalyptus oil. Usually during the rainy season, temperatures change so quickly. Drink enough vitamins and water, and nutritious food to maintain the stamina.

Some clinics such as Hydromedical sell the vitamin booster package, such as B12 and vitamin C. The B12 is needed to accelerate blood circulation, and to deliver the food cells throughout the body. As the vitamin C, work as an antioxidant or anti-toxic to strengthen your endurance.

So always try to stay fit. It will not only change your body, but also your mind, your attitude and the mood. Take care of your body, because it is the only place you must live in!