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Live Updates: Bali is safe. I Am in Bali Now doing my adventure. How about you?

Once you get to Bali, someday you will come back.

So you have set everything for travelling Bali again last September when suddenly the news hit the media front page; Mount Agung Bali is in Alert status for eruption. What? …

Off course as tourists you must highly consider the safety to visit and stay still in Bali but keep calm and stay update to official media reports. Bali governor himself has made sure that the increased activity of Mount Agung is not disturbing the tourism

Mount Agung, the greatest volcano in Bali, has been famous for the beauty landscape and the amazing hiking track especially for true hikers. It is located in East Bali in Karangasem Regency, which is 75 km far from Denpasar. Recently, Mount Agung has shown the increased volcanic activity and it is expected to erupt. Officials have warned that an eruption is imminent with the critical phase of active volcano. More than 130.000 people have fled the Mount Agung and now they are living in the temporary shelters in the exclusion zone. The Center of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation suggests for local residents, climbers and tourists to stop an activities near the Mount Agung crater area.

Located in Bali which remain as one of the most favorite tourist islands of the Indonesian archipelago. As the Island of the Gods, it serves a lot of interesting tourism objects and peaceful places. Once you step your feet on Bali your senses will fall in love with the special mystical smell of the incense and the traditional gamelan music. Your eyes will be indulged by the landscape of beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, rice terraces and unique traditional villages attract many people to visit Bali more than once.

Bali promises numerous tourist sites such as Uluwatu temple, Bedugul lake, Tampak Siring Castle, Tanah Lot, Nusa Penida, Pandawa Beach, Bali Safari and many more that are safe amid the alert status of Mount Agung.

Be adventurous you can explore many new activities in Bali for your first time experiences wish list. Surfing along the legendary swells, cycling in the beautiful rice terraces, shopping and having spa treatments which are fabulous.

Visit Bali now and join the viral “#IaminBalinow, #Baliissafe.

Last check for travel advice if you are getting to Bali is to follow the advice of local authorities and keep out the exclusion zone which is 9 and 12 km from crater of Mount Agung. Take travel to South and North Bali will be a good idea.

Bali is safe