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Five Most Common Holidays Mini-Accidents You Will Get in Bali and What to Do When They Happen

Holidays are fun. That, we absolutely agree.

Holidays in the Tropics? Make ‘em tenfolds, if you’re coming from the darker hemisphere. Having to spend your tropical holiday in bed because those pretty nasty sunburns make even putting clothes on hurt your whole body, however? No, please. Let’s not jinx the holiday.

We get it, the euphoria we get when we’re planning and packing for a holiday are sometimes overwhelming, and most of us tend to “hope for the best and let the universe lead the way.” However, we learned the hard way that an hour or two of surfing the net about your holiday destination and finding out what health hazard you’re most likely going to face will literally save both yourself and your wallet.

If you’re planning or getting ready for an upcoming holiday in Bali, then this article is for you.

Here, we spill to you the most commonly known mini accidents that will likely happen to you (though we sure pray that you won’t) while you’re spending your time in this beautiful little island, and also what you can do to heal or how you can prevent them to happen; so you might still be able to plunge that special tube of skin ointment your ancestor swore by in the toilettries bag before you leave home.

1. Sun Burn – Duh, who wouldn’t know this? Bali-Tropics-Sun you get the picture, right? Well, we obviously put this point first to avoid you thinking that it won’t happen here (out of our long-time experience with the sun).

With that many time and beaches to pick from, you can easily spend hours on the sand, falling to sleep under the sun with all its glory. Just be sure to slap those trusty sunblocks on practically every part of your body, and repeat it every few hours.

Never, we repeat, never!, underestimate the power of the tropical sun. This is a great mistake that will turn your body into a steak. Also, put a tube of aloe vera gel in the fridge for instant, heavenly skin soothing after a day on the the beach.

2. Food Poisoning – Now, now, we don’t think the food sellers are actually using poison in their products; but, the reality is, this is a country with a very different standart from yours.

Your sterile stomachs might not have what it takes to slay foreign virus and bacterias living in this side of the world. Health standards are way below what you’re accustomed to, so that might be a problem. Moreover, the fact that we use so many herbs and spices in our food might further hurt your experimental digestive system and force you to stay close to the restrooms for some days.

To prevent spicy food, memorize “tidak pedas” – meaning not spicy – both verbally and in writings for every time you order an authentic local food.

Be careful though, as what we think “not spicy” might still give you a little tingling sensation in your mouth. However, if you’re truly a culinary afficionado who just have to try authentic food as the locals have ’em, then by all means, go ahead. Luckily, many modern health clinics nowadays have some kind of special belly-care package to speedily relieve you from being toilet bound for days

3. Drowning – With all those bodies of water surrounding the island, drowning is the next most common thing for people to experience in Bali.

Since so many of the incoming tourists are visiting Bali for their love of the sea and surf, it’s no wonder if we see people in the water all the time. What not everyone do, however, is to keep swimming between the flagged boundaries that are put there to keep us safe.

When you go to the beach and you see two red flags on the shore, be sure to swim only around the area in between of the flags, since anywhere other than that area is more dangerous and unpredictable; they might have hidden rocks or strong currents that will definitely put your life in danger.

Also listen to the whistle they use to get you out of the water in the evening as it means that high tides are coming, especially when you’re bringing the kids in the water for some evening dips. Just don’t risk it.

4. Motorbike accidents – With the peak holiday season coming up, believe us when we say that you might want to consider renting a motorbike instead of a car.

During its busiest weeks like christmas and new year’s eve, Bali traffic can be really ugly. It’s not a new thing for us to hear people saying that “it takes 2 hours from Seminyak to Kuta Beach, the traffic was so bad!” because they make a grave mistake of using a car in Kuta.

If you do plan to rent a bike, though, don’t forget that we ride like the English do. Always take the far-left lane if you’re going rather slow, and don’t be so surprised when you see middle-schooler driving a bike since the so-called holiday Mecca unfortunately doesn’t really have an integrated public transportation system for students to get to school; but let’s talk about it somewhere else.

Our point is, keep focus and please don’t drunk-drive. You might be here for a holiday but this is our home; we don’t want drunk tourists to hit our loved ones just because we don’t remind you beforehand. Oh, and also, wear some shoes! So many of you ride bare-foot and it’s so dangerous because the roads can be pretty hot here in the equator that you could burn your feet.

Don’t be that person, wear your shoes or sandals. If, by bad luck, you happen to be in a bike accident, our clinic also have general practitioners and fully-equipped emergency stations ready at all times.

5. Hangovers – Like any good holiday destinations, Bali doesn’t have alcohol restrictions except for those under 18. You can’t use narcotics here and will get maximum death penalty if you’re caught using and/or having them on you, but to drink (and get so drunk) is legal.

It might make you a laughing stock, yes, but no one can take you to the police unless you started making a hassle or drunk-fight someone else. Since hot climate decrease the effect of the alcoholic drinks you just forced your body to have, it’s no wonder a lot of international tourists get drunk more easily than he would be in his own countries. You might be able to handle a half bottle of wine on your own back home and feel nothing, but become amazingly drunk when you do the same in the island.

Take it down a notch for the first week until your body get used to the change, and build your way from there. If you just don’t have the time to wait that long, however, don’t worry.

It’s now so easy to get you out of those terrible hungover; you can just go to Hydro Med Bali’s website, order a home visit, and have our professional board-certified medical staff to give you that IV boost your body begs you for. Wonderful, right?

We hope our list will help you plan and pack for that Bali trip much, much better. So long, and see you very soon!