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What means February to you? A special month? Or just like any other month perhaps? February is indeed a special month; a month with the date on the shortest calendar and the month in which the leap year is at the time or tempo 4 years ago. But we all know that February is well known for the Valentine’s Day, a special day where you can express the love. We give, create, or buy a gift for our loved ones. It can be for our families, like our parents, sisters or brothers, or perhaps our best friends, but mostly they present the gift to their partners or soulmate.

So, what do you have for present? Usually, people give chocolates, dolls, flowers, or anything that is real and you can feel. Some said that kind of gift is too mainstream. Why not give a present that is more precious? For example, your time. You could make a special time, take her/him to a nice dinner, or travelling to somewhere where you can enjoy your time together. Anything can be a gift, if you really take care of it. The most romantic gift is to give your best to each other, for the greater good.

However, in some country like United States, February is not only synonymous with the day of affection, but also known as the heart moon. Experts hope people use it to check their heart health. In America, heart disease becomes one of the main killers. About 600 thousand lives are lost each year due to heart disease. Can you imagine if you lose your loved ones because of the diseases, or just because we are too lazy to keep our health? This becomes the main topic of this writing; how to be a healthy, as a couple. Health is not only for the body, but also the mind. This is an important thing to maintain, because the healthy mind can keep you on the track to the positive side. The goal is to be healthy in relationship.

And the question is, what makes a relationship healthy? Here are some tips for you, and might be the perfect gift for your loved ones too.

Love your partner unconditionally. In a healthy relationship, you love your partner for who he or she is at that moment. You work to learn more about them, their hopes, and dreams. You love your partner without a condition. And then give some space. Try to create a private world where both parties can share themselves. So, you can achieve more goals in your life, and then finally you can share or give each other support to reach it.

You should communicate what you want instead of what you don’t want. There’s a difference between a complaint and a constructive comment. Your positive approach will help put your partner at ease. If you had a fight, you apologize because you care, not to make a problem go away. Some people say, don’t say sorry unless you mean it. That is true. An apology isn’t about making a fight go away, it’s about overcoming an issue as a team. In a healthy relationship, you choose to be happy rather than right. Often that requires a sincere apology.

A healthy relationship is based on a pattern of positive expression, creating intimacy, and connection. You expressed the love with words, acts, and gestures. Spend the quality time together, like exercising together, or sharing your morning routine. Use that time to express the love in a good way. It’s about the quality time, not the quantity of time.

And the last, always try to look after your partners in a proper way. Ask her to eat healthy food, don’t sleep too late, or take care of your partner when they are sick. Don’t be too bossy, like ordering him/her around, or don’t just talk to them to not forget to keep their health, but also supervise them. If they need a special treatment, try to provide it. If they need someone to take them to see a doctor, do it while you still can. Or you can buy them some fruits and vitamins, to boost their immune, to help them survive the day.

In the end, love should be a thing that we need the most. We hope for our love to be timeless, ageless, and endless. So, celebrate this month of love by sharing and spread all forms of kindness to everyone you love!