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“Family comes first!”

This quote reminds us that family is number one. No matter how busy we are, time for family should always be there. Therefore, precious moments like a holiday is the perfect time to have a quality time. All families out there shouldn’t want to miss this precious moment, a fun moment with the people we love. We know that there are so many good places to visit with family. A place to have an adventure, to have a nice experience, good ambience, warm welcoming, and so on… Call it Bali, one of the beautiful holiday destinations and offers a variety of exciting activities for your family.

Doing vacation with the family is more difficult and more complicated than a holiday alone or with friends, because we should think about various aspects like list of tourist attractions, hotels and much more. But there is one thing that we need to really care about above all… That is to stay fit and healthy, to have a good quality trip with your family. Here we have a few tips for you to have a happy-healthy family trip to Bali.

Before the trip begin, it ISs good to start to improve the healthy daily lifestyle for the body. There are several ways you can try, like exercising regularly, go to sleep on time, eat the healthy food which contains in many nutrients and vitamins. It will help you and your family to be spared from various virus and bacterial infections which can trigger the disease.

And then, always eat the vegetables. It has a high chlorophyll levels which is good for your health. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, mustard greens, cucumbers, and celery are proven not only to enhance the immune system, but also to optimize the body’s detoxification process. Therefore, let’s get the family to regularly eat this type of vegetables at least 2 weeks before your holiday begins!

During your trip, one of the things you should be aware of is the disease, especially the flu. This virus is relatively easy to attack the immune system, especially when it’s weak. You should think about a prevention, such as drinking a mixture of warm tea with ginger, or as simple as familiarize yourself to drink fresh water. Another solution is find the information about where you can find the flu vaccine. Normally you can find it at a clinic or nearest hospital. If any accident happens, for example, some naughty monkey bite you, and you need some rabies vaccine, you should know the right place to go. So, be calm and always be careful. We don’t want anything harm happen to you or your family.

Don’t forget to always wash your hands. The bacteria can infect you and your family anywhere and anytime. The kind of disease like diarrhea, or any other stomach problem will attack you, so, make it as a habit to wash your hands before and after getting meals or after using the toilet. You can also bring a handy antiseptic fluid, so you don’t have to worry, you can keep your hands clean all the time. It is not that hard, right?

The most important tips, is be happy. Health experts say that being happy is one of the keys to keep the immune in your body stay healthy. So, free yourself from any minds that can make you stress and play! Family time should be a quality time where you can do any activities like playing mini football, watersport, rafting, hiking, or any games which is exciting to do together! Playing games is not only for children, but adults also need it. Here in Bali, the sun is up, and the sky is blue. So, remember to always be happy. Come out to play, enjoy yourself and feel the atmosphere!