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Family Holiday Stays in Bali for a longer time? This is a definitely Must Visit! FINN’S Recreational Club Canggu Has Something for Everyone

What started as a family short holiday might change into something a bit more on the long term side when it comes to Bali.

We get it, we feel it, too. Most of us came for a family vacation, a short business trip, or even just a transit, a mere stop on a string of exotic countries you put in your bucket list when you were younger; and fell in love with the beautiful land along with the peaceful yet exciting ambience lingering above it.

So you started making plans and eventually came back for a new part of your life. And then you started a family, or continue the one you already had, in this foreign island you accepted as your new home. What to do now?

Bali has always been famous for its wild night life and, simultaneously, a hint of serenity it offers in its daily life. It’s kind of mesmerizing, we admit, to see how Balinese people live in this modern age and still keep their traditions very much alive.

Living in this part of the world gives you plenty to be grateful of, particularly when you find yourself working on the beach with the sound of the waves as your back sound instead of that boring cubicles constraining you in those ugly buildings back home.

However, with a growing family and children to think about, you’d have to admit that it’s not so easy to find places that accommodates those needs of yours–and your little ones–and we know it could be a pain having to drive all over the place to keep everybody happy, especially during the holiday season when the traffic will definitely be on the highest tide.

Worry not, today we’re giving you a recommendation of a club that will be a perfect place for you and your family.

Built on four hectares of land surrounded by lush green paddy fields, Finn’s Recreation Club in Canggu offers you an array of fun activities for each and every member of your family. You read that right: every one.

If you live somewhere in Legian. Seminyak, Kerobokan, Umalas or Canggu area, this family friendly club can be your go-to place to keep the children happy while keeping your sanity.

What’s even more amazing about this place is the fact that it’s only 10 to 15 minutes-long drive from Seminyak.

Keeping their gate open every day from 6 am to 8 pm, this club offers you a complete fitness center with a lap pool and sports ground, including a tennis center along with certified instructors for the little ones if they are interested in the game.

Not in the mood for sweat? They also have a sports bar for you to watch the match instead. Even if you really don’t need to exhaust yourself even more, you will still find something to do here. Their Body Temple Spa is always ready to rejuvenate your body and bring you back to life.

Formerly known as Club Canggu, this recreation club will keep the little ones busy for some time. Their Splash Water Park is definitely something the kids will enjoy every once in a while, or when they need another way to spend their energy on, they can always take it out on the club’s Bounce Trampoline Center.

Your kids are more on the quieter side? The Cubby House Kids Club offers them plenty of creative activities that will surely make them calm and content.

End the night with a friendly match of bowling in the club’s Strike Ten Pins Bowling or have a family dinner in one of the restaurants, perfect after a long day of fun and happiness.

Go to the reception to get a day pass if you want to give it a try, and simply get a weekly or monthly memberships when you’ve had your decision.

Keep in mind that this club hosts many exciting events, the last one being the Gecko Masters Tournament held just a few days ago from 8-10 June, 2018; with Hydromedical Bali as the Medical Partner.

There’s no need to be sad if you missed them, there will definitely be much more to come.