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April Mop or April Fools has been considered a special thing to be experienced in April. So laugh a little.

History tells that April Fool’s joke has been around since 1582, but only celebrated by many people in 1700.

On that first day of April people are like given permission to tell lies or give jokes to others for the sake of having fun.

We made jokes or lies against families, enemies, friends and even neighbors with the intention of embarrassing those who are easily deceived. Are you the one?

How to do such lies & jokes? …

Well you can choose the usual way or a slightly extreme way such as pretending to die. It do seems annoying, but believe it or not many people are doing it, including Google. What??

Back in 2004, Google made a scene with the launch of a tool called Coffee-To-The-Home (CTTH), a somewhat application on the go which can get you a coffee without going to the coffee shop.

And Yes, of course on that year, that tool is not actually real.

In the year 2017, Google made a joke again by turning Google Maps into the Pac-Man play game arena. Talking about a big fortune world class company who can have a good fun with a joke.. hahaha.

Unfortunately In some countries like England, Australia, and South Africa, they can only play jokes until noon or before noon.

While elsewhere such as Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, and the United States, they can play jokes throughout the day.

Sadly April Mop is not always turns out to be funny. Some sad events occurred.

one of which is earthquake and tsunami in Hawaii that caused hundreds of people killed just because the people didn’t believe about the weather news. They thought it was a joke.

Those such disastrous events that occurred made many people no longer want to celebrate April Fools again.

Well How about in Indonesia?

As a country with the communities whose not too familiar with April fools jokes, we can easily find some of those tricks which ends totally failed. Not on friends nor families, but on a company like startups. Entertainment turns out to be a shame.

Go-Jek, as one of the most popular motorbike “taxi” online app providers in Indonesia suddenly announced that they will provide advanced helmets for passengers named Headgear 2.0.

Imagine a high-tech-smart helmet is applied with GO-JEK Dynamic Glass technology to display digital and holographic data inside the helmet. Just like the Iron Man and his digital assistant, Jarvis.

As a result many netizens are expecting this innovation but it turns out to be a mock on April Fool’s joke.

Another joke came from ASUS Indonesia, the most popular brand for the gadgets and gaming technology.

Well, if you roll back the ASUS logo, a glimpse of this logo reads “SNSV”. Familiar with this name? It sounds like a popular K-Pop girl band.

To made the joke seems real, Asus announced officially on their Twitter account, that they renamed their brand into SNSV. The contents of this announcement lead to laughter among netizens.

Another failed story goes like this …

Some jokes are meant to be a joke, but not for this one…

Recently, indonesian citizens are shocked when Grab launched GrabMudik transportation which will be provided variously in the form of GrabDelman (Delman is a traditional vehicle or ground transportation equipment in Java by a horse) GrabTruk Pasir (a transport using a big truck which usually used to carry a sand), and GrabHeli (a transport using a helicopter). Quite weird anx eccentric, right?

It turns out that the news was not officially issued by Grab Indonesia itself, but by iPrice.

IPrice is a startup of coupon and discount providers from various online stores. This campaign was highly criticized by Grab Indonesia and some media. They nearly bring them to the legal court.

Aboiding this to happen finally iPrice has officially apologized to Grab on their website. Crazy, right?

We know that happiness may comes from funny things, such as playing jokes and make some tricks. But remind yourself to be careful of what you do. We could always do that to ourselves, or our relatives, since it doesn’t make any problems.

You don’t want any crazy thing happen to you just because you made a simple joke to a world class company right? But, just asking.. If you just happen to have a very good idea to make this kind of joke, would you do it?