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Bali Travel Health in 1 minute : wound care caused by scooter accidents

Although it is fun to drive a scooter in Bali, scooter accident is just too much to happen. Cause it is fast, efficient, get less trap by the traffic jam and obviously get tanned too.

Hi Bali travelers, my name is Dyah. I am a professional medical doctor from Bali. Yes, it’s me again. welcome to Bali. I am a doctor but I enjoy sharing the tips for traveling, within healthy condition of course.

I mean, feel free to drive, but please be very careful. In some places you will find holes on the street, animals passing, some trucks passed by.

Especially in the night time, expect to find where there could be less or even no lights and the streets are getting to dark. When it comes to heavy rain, the situation you’ll encounter will be getting harder and you might get injured.

If the injury is not too serious and you are confidence enough to take care the wound, here are some few tips:

Go find rinse water and soap, clean all soil, pebbles and the sand that contaminating the wound for 15 minutes or longer. Get povidone-iodine antiseptic liquid, apply with sterile gauze on skin surround the wound. Try to irrigate the wound with saline solution.

Infection may still occur even after proper wound cleaning. So I suggest if you’re still in doubt see a professional doctor to reduce the risk of infection and getting as highly as possible scarless wound.

Make sure to take the first wound picture, so we can assess the need fot the tetanus booster update, antibiotic prophylaxis (yes, it is needed even in Europe and US), and modern wound dressing.

It takes time for wound healing in such himid and hit place like here. But you need to travel still without worrying the wound.