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Everything you need to know about Party Spots in Bali

There’s no doubt that Bali is a heaven for partying all week long; the island is packed with clubs for different kind of crowd, parties, and music. Even some big music festival was also held in Bali, like Dreamfields an Ultra.

There are more upcoming events for you to enjoy very soon. But as in some crowded tourist places, there are many opportunities for small crimes like pickpockets. Also, be aware when you use ATM cards, where there is often a fraud in the mini market. Do not let anyone distract you and be sure to keep your money in a safe place.

For a longtime, Bali has been known for the center of clubbing and party. This island has a relaxed and tolerant culture that supported the atmosphere for a party that developed over the decades. The short distance from Australia, Japan, Singapore and the endless stream of visitors from countries transforming Bali into a world-class destination for nightlife.

In Bali, despite the actual party start right after midnight, the evening event can start early, with those available at many restaurants, bars and clubs, and drinks after sunset are daily activities, both in the luxurious beachside lounge on Seminyak or on a bench near the waves in Kuta.

South Bali nightlife varies, although some types of clubs, places, and music can be found more in certain areas. Kuta tends to attract the attention of younger and wilder visitors with big clubs, cheap drinks, and music focus on reggae, top 40, R&B, progressive and dance music, while Seminyak is usually interesting for a more modern and calm atmosphere, where. Here is the place where most of the expats comes. They have beautiful spot with the latest and international DJ’s that play music, techno, dubstep, and other recent music trends. High quality drinks, often made by the most skilled bartenders with imported ingredients.

Some of Bali’s clubs are crowded and exciting, some are calm and contemporary, and others are more elegant and sophisticated. All can be tried overnight by just taking a taxi and motorbike. Here is some of the best around to get you pumping non-stop.

First is Jenja. If you want to find a place to enjoy Bali’s nightlife experience with a gorgeous, multi-concept restaurant, outdoor lounge terrace, bar & club that will regularly play host to the best DJs from around the globe, this is the place. A fun, elegant lifestyle venue and supper club, featuring delicious Asian and Western cuisine as well as cutting edge architectural design and sound technology for the discerning Bali cosmopolite, traveller and music lover.

Next is Mirror Lounge & Bar. Situated behind the Gardin Bistro café (managed by the same company), you can fill your belly first with various pastries and coffee before burning all the calories on the dance floor. This place is like a mix between gothic-style cathedrals; high ceilings and hanging lights, with a futuristic touch and laser beams everywhere. Here you can dance until satisfied with the famous DJ’s, while enjoying the attractions of acrobatic artists who rocked above your head. And while you’re indoors, you can still watch the stars, because the roof of this place is made of glass.

Third, if you hear this name, you might immediately guess that this is a Brazilian-themed bar. Yes, it is La Favella. It looks like a dormant colonial building complete with antique furniture, ubiquitous vines, old bikes and scooters, and an ancient VW that adds to the old and vintage feel. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of La Favela feels more alive because it is also inhabited by elder sister birds, weasels, and fish passing by in the pond. Spend the night here will feel more perfect while accompanied by various tapas and cocktails.

Fourth is The Skygarden is the rooftop of a huge 4 level entertainment complex that is home to 8 clubs and pubs, each with a different atmosphere. It is right in the centre of downtown Kuta and has become the uncontested premier nightclub for the under 30 crowd. Open from 5pm till 3am and always packed. On any given night, there are twelve DJ playing in five rooms, live singers, fire dancers, pole dancers, go-go dancers, and much more. Major international DJs perform on Fridays and Saturdays.

Do you find some other exotic place worthy to be included in this article? Enjoy the party, baby!