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You Will Regret Leaving Bali before Visiting These Two Cool Spots Party People Have Been Talking About

Hey Party People, with so many places to go in Bali, it might be overwhelming for you to try them all in one go; unless you have a month or two to spend.

However, if this is your third or fourth time on the island, you might find yourself getting out options for cool places to hang out and have fun in the night.

Luckily, Bali always have something new to offer; a new little place here, or a huge hype club over there. Understandable, with the ever-growing tourism industry they have going on.

Here we list for you two of the island’s most recently talked about places for you party freaks.

Soka Nightclub, Legian
Legian night life is living its fullest with the arrival of Soka Nightclub. Occupying the space formerly known as Embargo on the famous Jalan Raya Legian, this (literally) cool new place has earned high rates from its customers in every aspects, from the interior design, sound system, stage techs, music genres, DJ sets, all the way to the food and beverage quality and the staffs’ hospitality.

Home to some of the best local DJs, this club will be most enjoyable for you in favor of house music; they even have international DJs playing their main stage despite being the new kid on the block.

Don’t hurry to leave when you find yourself not really enjoying the DJs, hang around and try their cocktails instead. Their mojito is one of the best in the area with fresh mints and limes, and the bartenders are wonderfully quick and attentive.

They also have bands playing every other night if live music is something you enjoy more.

Come anytime between 1pm to 3am every day (4am on Fridays and Saturdays) in cute summer dress or shorts and flip flops if you want, there’s no formal dress code required to have a good time here. Pretty cool, right?

Now, with all those positive traits, you might think that you’d have to spend quite a lot of money here, but Soka’s pricing is reasonably better than those of their older neighbors and psst, they don’t even charge you upon your entrance so you’re free to check out the place and stay only if you feel like it. Neat!

Old Man’s, Canggu
This one is getting all the hype from both Western and local tourists residing in Canggu area, around 30-45 minutes from Kuta by bikes or car.

Located within walking distance from Batu Bolong beach, this place offers you a warm, laid back ambience to spend the night. Their outdoor bar serves you cold beers and cocktails, and is maybe the best spot to start with.

Order a drink, look around, study the area, and when you’re ready, they have plenty of comfy couches or wooden benches to choose from.

Music stage always have something going on, be it a local band (they play some killer tunes familiar to almost everyone), a solo singer, or a DJ.

Follow Old Man’s on their social media handles to get updates on daily performers. Have fun and play some beer pongs on their dedicated pong area while you wait for the dance floor to be ready as it will get more and more packed as the night goes on, and you can finally release the dancing beast within you, even if you feel like abandoning your shoes.

Either if you come to dance, prove yourself as a talented beer pong master, or just simply laying back and have some drinks, Old Man’s is the place to go.

Their reasonably priced menu includes Kiddie Meals so you can definitely bring your little ones for breakfast, lunch, or an after-dip snacks coming out from the sea as they open from 7am to 1am every day.

Be sure to take a picture in front of their famous wall mural you might have seen everywhere on Instagram. Not to worry, though, the entire area will be a cool background if you want something different to feature in your feed.

As usual, we feel like we need to remind you of staying fit during your stay in Bali (and anywhere else, actually).

Easy ways to keep yourself healthy include getting enough sleep, consuming fruits and veggies to balance those fries and burgers, and drink a lot of water so you’re well-hydrated.

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Their most sought after Hydro’s Premium Myers Cocktail contains all the things your body need to clean the liver, rehydrate, and re-energize.

Have fun partying, party people!