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Let me tell you about the Speakeasy Bar.

It’s a unique kind of style bar that transport you to a different atmosphere, where you can enjoy drinking and have an intimate conversation.

It is obviously not like those awesome rooftop bars you usually know about.

The Speakeasy Bar is famous in the era of the 20s, where during that time, it was illegal to sell alcoholic beverages in America. They call it the Prohibition Era.

But this doesn’t stop people for having a little fun on the side. So, speakeasy bar starts popping up here and there in a secret manner, a hidden place that serves alcoholic beverages with a tranquil atmosphere.

But these times are long gone. Now you can grab a cocktail almost everywhere, especially here in Bali.

Yet, in a time where everything is allowed, it’s always exciting to find a secret rendezvous where one can sip fine cocktails and enjoy a great night. So, the trend is back, and speakeasies are now on the rise. So, here are four of the best!

Baker Street Social, decorated by a glass door, Baker Street Social presents a wide range of cocktail crafts, artisan vibes and various other kinds.

Opened in December 2015, this place is the first speakeasy bar in Bali.

With cement walls and chairs this place is very warm and intimate, in fact they only have 25 seats! Hidden and quirky, fantastic cocktails, knowledgeable Bartenders, super cool vibe and unique concept.

If you’re a speakeasy fan, avid cocktail drinker or simply looking for a cool place to chill with friends over great drinks, Baker Street Social is the place to go. You won’t regret it.

But first, you’ve got to know where they are because the place is really hidden. The location is above Shearlock Barbershop and Cafe. Highly recommended if you want a less touristy spot and want to have a chill evening with good drinks and music.

40 Thieves is a New York style speak easy bar focusing on craft cocktails & artisanal spirits accompanied with genuine flamboyant hospitality to provide you a true cocktail experience in Bali.

Located right on top of Mad Ronin, a Japanese food restaurant in Petitenget area. After dinner, head upstairs for some late-night sip, and enjoy the rest of the night.

The BARber is for you who seeks for relax and calm. Located at The Sintesa Jimbaran hotel, this place looks like a normal barbershop which is also a function hall and a bar.

The room is filled with recycled-wood decorations which is so classic, combine with exciting music that suits your mood. The mature and warm ambiance reminds us to the Prohibition Era in 1920-1933, this hideout venue is all about exceptional.

Unlike many other famous bars which are located at Badung Area, Miles & Betty are the latest speakeasy that is located on the 3rd floor of Milestone Coffee in Sanur, Denpasar. On the first and second floor, Milestone offers great coffee and food.

But Miles & Betty offers wine and cocktail bar, speakeasy style. The New York vibe is continued in the third floor, and not everybody notices it. The bar vibe will surely match your mood and kills the stress away.

Speakeasy bar is notoriously hard to find, but despite having a less obvious location, hidden places like this are often used as a heaven for fans of alcoholic beverages.

The music of jazz and soul makes this place even more mysterious and interesting.

In Bali, where there are always so much crowds of tourists, Speakeasy Bar becomes an object for a treasure hunt which is exciting and interesting! Let’s go check those places out!