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The presence of 2018 Asian Games in mid-August has caught the attention of the world especially Asian.

After 56 years ago, in 1962, the opening ceremony of the 18th Asian Games in 2018 has taken place at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday, August 18th 2018. Thousands of athletes from 45 countries have competed for the name of the nation.

So, how far Indonesia’s preparation to face the biggest sports event in Asia?

The selection of Jakarta and Palembang to become the host is certainly a special gift. The reason is, the biggest sports party in Asia coincides with Indonesia’s Independence Day, on August 17th. The euphoria echoes, various public facilities were beautified and major renovations were carried out by the government to make this prestigious event success. It’s time for you and all of us to be happy to welcome this happy moment!

As the executive committee for mutual success, the government formed a special committee called the Indonesia Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee or commonly called INASGOC. As an official committee that handles all organizing matters, INASGOC also concentrates fully on planning, organizing events, as well as preparing various requirements needed by the athletes during the 2018 Asian Games.

In this event, the 2018 Asian Games will bring in contingents from 45 Asian countries that will compete in 40 sports, 67 disciplines, and 450 events for medals. In addition, the interesting thing is, this is the first time that this big event was held in two major cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Palembang. This is also a government’s strategy to promote the potential that exist in South Sumatra.

Towards the opening of this big event, you must have seen the Asian Games logo that has been displayed everywhere for promotion and attracting people. There is a philosophical story behind this logo. This main logo reflects the main stadium of Bung Karno viewed from above. In addition, a sun element is added, which means a source of energy with light that spreads to the eight directions of the wind. Not only that, as a reminder of Indonesia’s diversity, three main mascots were introduced; Cendrawasih bird, Rhinoceros, and Deer. The hope is that all these symbols can melt into energy for each contingent who is competing, and Indonesia could be succeed in Asia.

Unlike the previous performances, the Asian Games officially added 10 new sports; rollersport, bridge, 3 on 3 basketball, jet ski, jiu jitsu, sambo, kurash, paragliding, rock climbing, and the Indonesian pride, pencak silat.

As the host, Indonesia also has another challenge.; compete with 44 countries in Asia and targeting the top 10, with 15 gold medals. At the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, the Indonesian contingent only finished 17th out of 37 countries with 20 medals in total (4 golds, 5 silvers, 11 bronzes). Indonesia’s heavy competitor countries are China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan and Taiwan. And then from the Middle East, there are Iran, Kazakhstan, and Qatar. In East Asia, there are India and in ASEAN there are Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.

Best performances for the Opening Ceremony of 18th Asian Games 2018

During 17 Asian Games participation, Indonesia has never received 20 gold medals and only entered the top 20. Indonesia’s highest achievement of 11 gold when it became the host in 1962 for the first time. If the parameters are ASEAN countries, even in the 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia could not improve its ranking in the 5th position from 11 participating countries. Up until now, we have collected 12 gold medals. What do you think? Is it possible to reach the target? Let’s hope for the best, support the event, and the athletes to do their best!