Hydro’s Vitamin And Hydration Therapy

Vitamin & Hydration Therapy

From IDR 247,000

Including On-call fee

  • Hydro’s Rejuvenation (Vit. C Collagen)
  • Hydro’s B12Shot
  • Hydro’s B Shot
  • Hydro’s Brightening Shot (Glutathione)
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B12 Shot: increase energy, sport recovery, weight loss, improve mood
B complex: six B vitamins, improve energy level, weight loss, manage carbs
Vitamin C: reduce wrinkles, flu resistance, reduce fatigue, bone health
Gluthatione: skin whitening, antioxidant

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From IDR 247,000

Including On-call fee


HYDRO MEDICAL is a fully equipped and trusted medical practice in Bali. Offering vaccination to protect you against the risk of Rabies after a bite, scratch or other contact from stray animals.

We also specialize in IV vitamin therapy for food poisoning (Bali Belly) recovery or as an energy boost also hangover cure. 

IV Vitamin therapy has been known as the only delivery method which provides 100% bioavailability directly into the bloodstream for instant benefits. Administered by experienced nursing professional under doctor consultation. You’ll experience our painless needle procedure. 

Our expert English-speaking medical team will ensure you are in safe and caring hands throughout your treatment with us.

“We strive to take care of you and the ones you love”


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