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Unforgettable Holiday on A Cruise In Bali Fou Your Next Trip

Traveling is one of many ways to create an unforgettable moment. To get a different impression, you can try traveling on a cruise that’s available in Bali.

There are three cruise ship options. What kind of cruise? How much is the ticket price? And how about the facilities? You can find the answers below.

Cruise ships are available in Bali for sightseeing, and it will end the destinations in Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan. If you want to end your trip to Nusa Lembongan, you can choose between Bali Hai Cruise and Bounty Cruise. Whereas if you wanna go to Nusa Penida, you can take the Quicksilver Cruise. Riding a luxurious cruise isn’t only in a dream!

Anyway, these three cruise ships have a capacity of 300 passengers. Yep, quite a lot, it is. However, Bali Hai and Bounty Cruises are only filled with passengers during the holiday seasons. While Quicksilver Cruise is almost full of passengers all year long. Even so, these three cruise ships have facilities that can spoil the passengers.

To enjoy traveling on a cruise during your vacation in Bali, each passenger must reserve a seat first. With a tariff of IDR 740,000.00 to IDR 925,000.00, various facilities will be obtained during a trip with Bounty Cruise. These three types of cruises will start sailing from the port of Benoa. One hour before sailing, passengers will be picked up at their respective lodgings. At 09.00 WITA, the ship will start to move away from the port and pull over at the pier around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

With the ticket price under one million rupiah per person, you will get breakfast, lunch, and activities such as snorkeling, banana boat, and canoe. Well, if you want to try scuba diving and jet skiing, it will cost extra.

The Quicksilver ticket price is IDR 782,000.00 per person. Whereas the Bali Hai Cruise ticket costs IDR 1,494,000.00 for the Beach Club Cruise package. There are still many other packages for Bali Hai Cruise, such as Sunset Dinner Cruise, 3 Islands Cruise, Dolphine Cruise, and so on. Which cruise package makes you interested in sailing to enjoy luxury over the waters of Bali?

Each cruise tour package includes transportation from the port to the inn. Not only luxurious facilities but the charm of Bali will make you captivated. Prepare your equipment and health if you want to enjoy this trip. Also prepare a camera with a full battery because all day long, you will see the beauty of the island in a different way.

Bali Cruise Tour is Bali Activities Tour in Bali Islands by offers a wide range of cruises adventure activity in the paradise island of Bali and offer trip of cruises to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida with cruise company based in Bali. There is a variety of Bali Tour of day and evening cruises to choose from including extravagant powerboats, traditional sailing vessels to large catamaran’s that can hold up to 300 passengers. Bali Cruise Tour excursions travel to neighbouring islands for a tour, lunch and then a selection of water sports, while evening Bali Cruises tend to circle the harbor and provide a romantic dinner setting for couples.

Venture into paradise each day with Bali Cruises to the picturesque island of Nusa Penida, where it ties up alongside a floating pontoon for the day. The island has super gardens and marine life and it’s an ideal base for enjoying watersport, with unlimited banana boat rides, and parasailing available on request. Take a guided snorkeling tour, with qualified snorkeling instruction on hand to help you, or sample the experience of scuba diving.

Cruise in comfort aboard Bali Cruises with a cruising speed of up to 30 knots, you may sit back, relax and enjoy full staff service while reading the daily newspaper or viewing our on board video entertainment. We sail from Bali every day. If you wish your feet stayed dry, view the incredible coral formations from the comfort of our semi submersible vessel.

Bali Beach Club Cruise by Bali Hai Cruise

Let us whisk you away to Nusa Lembongan Island as you enjoy this beautiful region of Bali on our Lembongan Beach Club Cruise.During the Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise you will cruise to Nusa Lembongan aboard Bali Hai II, our luxury catamaran. Upon arrival in Lembongan Bay we will transfer you to Mushroom bay to experience the unspoiled charms of a peaceful tropical island at the private Bali Hai Beach Club.

Lembongan Island Beach Club
Relax on golden beaches, snorkel and swim from the beach in tropical water, or just relax in the hammocks of our peaceful gardens. If the mood takes you, an array of day activities add to the tropical atmosphere such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing plus lots more. The Beach Club experience can be combined with any of our other day activities, offering something for everyone in your family.

At lunch time there is an appetizing BBQ lunch, which includes salads and fresh fish grilled at our pool-side cabana. Enjoy this wide selection of food with a range of cocktails at our exclusive Lembongan Beach Club Bar.

For families traveling to Nusa Lembongan we provide a fully serviced kids club which allows mum and dad to relax whilst we look after the young ones. Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that everyone enjoys the day out. If you are not ready to leave in the afternoon, then why not join us at the and enjoy the beautiful sunset in Lembongan Bay and the wonderfully unique accommodation, our very own Nusa Lembongan Resort.


Adult : USD 94.00 nett/adult

Child : USD 52.00 nett/child


Hotel transfer

Morning and afternoon tea, coffee & snacks

Use of the Beach Club facilities including swimming pool and volleyball court

Tropical BBQ lunch

Guided village tour

Unlimited banana boat rides

Snorkeling equipment and instruction

Kids play area

Semi Submersible Coral Viewer


Bali Dolphin Cruise by Bali Hai Cruise

Have you ever seen Dolphins before? In Bali we are very lucky to have many dolphins in close proximity to the island. Our Ocean Rafts will take you to see these wonderful creatures with our Bali Hai Dolphin Watching Cruise.

Dolphins wait for no man which means an early start is needed for anyone wanting to see Dolphins in Bali. The high speed Ocean Raft departs daily at 7.30am and will take you on an exhilarating journey to South Bali across the waves. These powerful speed boats will give you a thrilling experience.

Did you know: All Dolphins have signature whistles that are equivalent to human names. Dolphins use these signature whistles to recognize other Dolphins and they also use signature whistles to call their fellows by ‘name’. It was discovered in recent research that Dolphins are capable to recognize signature whistles of other Dolphins even after being separated more than 20 years. This is proof of the longest social memories ever recorded in a non-human species.

Upon arrival in the Dolphin watching area, our guides will take you to the best places possible to see these wonderful marine creatures. As ambassadors for the ocean environment our Dolphin Watching Cruise does not allow you to touch the dolphins; we are only interested in positive interactions that will not harm the Dolphins.


Adult : USD 62.00 nett/adult

Child : USD 46.00 nett/child


Hotel Transfer

Tea/coffee, fruit juices and pastries served prior to boarding

Dolphin spotting off the South Bali Coast