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Tropicola Beach Club is a new exciting beach club in Seminyak area. Sunset, beach, cafes, and music are the perfect ingredients to enjoy vacation.

Yes, the Seminyak area is indeed crowded with a range of unique concept cafes and restaurants, and Tropicola is quite big, designed with bright colors, along with pool and sunbeds, as well as the bar and restaurant.

Tropicola Beach Club Bali carries the concept of typical 80’s era, but with the touch of a modern look.

It officially opened on August 11 as the brother from Mexicola, a Mexican restaurant which located also in Seminyak. The CEO said that the inspiration comes from their friends who love traveling to Mexico.

The design of the restaurant is stunning,

The interior of the building is white, the chairs are brightly coloured.

Tropicola offers an experience for visitors to relax throughout the day.

There are many activities that can be done such as swimming, sunbathing, or sitting around while listening to music, drink many kinds of cocktails and eat fresh seafood.

You are free to take photos here, but only with a phone camera. If you are get caught taking a photograph with a pocket cam or DSLR, the restaurant will charge you some amount of fine.

You could choose to sit in the bar (there is no minimum payment) and table (minimum payment of IDR 200K per person).

The interior itself reminds us of an architectural style of Piet Mondrian, using palettes colours of yellow, red and blue.

Just sit and relax around the pool with the sunbeds while enjoying the views of the beach.

There are many kinds of seafood such as salmon salad; tuna tartare; prawn cocktail, complete with coconut juice, and avocado.  Serving also Mexican food like baked squash with burrata, zucchini flowers and macadamia.

Enjoy some unique mixed cocktails in Tropicola.

Such as Tropicolada, a drink with concoction of jackfruit, Balinese wine mixed with Kintamani’s coffee beans and orange peel, and Tulum Bliss, a glass of tequila mixed with grapes, pimento and lemon.

The design of kitchen is open-space.

We could see the process of food-making. Such as the making of pizza with wood-based combustion.

The “typical” western food such as burgers, beef steaks, fries, hot dogs, onion ring, and other desserts could be ordered as well.

The most recommended for starters are Guacamole and Veggie Chips, a low calories snacks which are very tasty. As for the drinks, you should try the Elixir Juices, e1 (mixture of saffron juice, ginger, honey and spirulina) and e3 (mixture of coconut water, honey and spirulina). Both drinks are useful as a body detox.

Tropicola is open for lunch at 11 PM, until midnight.

It can provide 500 seats and could accommodate 2,000 people if there is a standing party.

The other interesting thing that you can do at this place is taking pictures at many various angles. The back-view is Seminyak Beach, with a swimming pool, and the interior itself is stunning, with bright colours like red, white, yellow, and blue…

Such an instagramable spot! For sure, this place will make your instagram feeds cooler!

If you are in Bali or planning to visit, be sure to take time to go to Tropicola Beach Club. Highly recommended!