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Traveling in Bali? Get Rabies Vaccine After Infected by an Animal


If you plan to visit other areas in Indonesia or have long-term adventures to remote areas of Bali, more careful steps are recommended.

Because vaccines must be given before arriving at your vacation destination then you should plan a vaccine strategy 4-8 weeks before departure schedule.

The recent spread of rabies in 2008 and 2010 increased attention among visitors to the island of Bali. Rabies vaccination is not required if you come to Bali but given that dogs (and monkeys) who interact with tourists may suffer rabies, and the dog population in Bali is estimated at 500,000, vaccination is not a bad thing before coming here.

Avoid street dogs, don’t get too close to them. When you raise your hand as if to throw a stone, they usually run away. Take care of your children so they don’t play with them. Bali provides vaccines every year to tens of thousands of dogs and currently the government estimates that around 50% of stray dogs have been vaccinated. Leaving 50% left. Bali received bad news due to dogs being destroyed in a mass after rabies broke out in 2010.

Since the establishment of Bali as a rabies endemic area in 2008 all Balinese citizens has a high probability of the rabies virus including foreign tourists who visited Bali, considering that Bali is one of the world’s tourist destinations.

The types of tourists who have more advantages than rabies are those who travel with tight costs and have the habit of adventure on foot reach the tourist destination that is often called backpacker basic knowledge possessed by backpacker foreign tourists in Bali regarding the risk of transmission of rabies as well as their attitude to the issue with interviewing international backpacker tourists using a questionnairewhich has been prepared.

This study uses a cross-sectional design carried out on December 2013 to February 2014 involved a sample of 56. In the study this was found 92.8% of foreign backpacker tourists vacationing in Bali yet find out if Bali is a rabies endemic area. 82.1% backpackers don’t know how to avoid rabies virus infection, 7.1% foreign backpackers who vacation in Bali do not yet know that dogs are animals carrier of the rabies virus. In addition, 64.3% of international backpackers in Bali have not received it information about rabies before traveling to Bali and 92.9% of international backpackers in Bali has a complete rabies vaccination in its home country before traveling.

Rabies is a health threat serious for most countries in the world. Rabies is 100% confirmed fatal because it causes damage serious brain and death if prophylactic post late exposure given. Death by rabies virus infection pain occurs within 2-3 days of symptoms clinical first appeared.

Noted around 150 countries have been infected with rabies and 55,000 people died every year due to rabies or equivalent with one person dying each ten minutes due to a viral infection rabies.The highest number of deaths was  ecorded at the Asian region which reaches 31,000 people every year. Meanwhile predictable economic losses caused by rabies reached 583 million US dollars per year and more than 1.4 billion people risk of being infected with rabies in Asia. Body the work of the World Health Organization which overshadow the South Asian and Asian regions Southeast has a workload the largest because there are around 25,000 human deaths every year as a result rabies compared to the Asian region the other.

This figure is around 45% of the total deaths worldwide due to rabies.The largest number of deaths was recorded at

India with 19,000 inhabitants and at Bangladesh with 2,000 inhabitants. Potential the spread of rabies is associated with high population of humans and wild dogs in densely populated and aggravated areas

with high poverty rates in these countries. Other countries like Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia report there are at least 100 human deaths due to rabies virus infection every year.


Organization International des Epizooties (OIE) notes that rabies is a disease most tourists dread foreign countries (foreign tourists) when doing tour travel in countries developing, after malaria. Indonesia is a developing country which has tourism potential as well enter in the range of tourism attractions world but the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia in 2009 announced that 24 of 33 provinces in Indonesia has been infected with rabies.

Case highest found in the province of Bali and East Nusa Tenggara which is historically declared free of rabies.It is estimated there are a total of 16,000 cases of dog bites in Indonesia since the first rabies appeared in Ungasan-Bali years 2008. All districts / cities in Bali confirmed to have been infected with rabies number of victims died varies Bali Provincial Animal Husbandry Service. mention since the end of 2017 Until 2019, at least rabies killed 100 people in Bali and there were 565 rabies positive dogs out of 3,983 sample examined.

Travelers who have risks high infected with rabies are those who traveled with tight fees and have walking habits feet in order to reach the sights the destination is often called a backpacker. Backpacker tourists usually is a young person who does long trips that have a lot purpose. Most of the research regarding backpackers shows that more than 80% of backpackers are under-aged from 30 years

Bali Provincial Statistics Agency noting tourist arrivals abroad to Bali in January 2018 reached 253,286 people with one third of the number is estimated is a backpacker traveler. According to nationality, foreign tourists are most come to Bali Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. Hotel room occupant rates non-star in Bali for the month of January 2012 reached 34.71%. Old mean stays for foreign tourists at non-starred hotels Bali in January 2018 reached 3.51 days.

During this time, the public seems to get information on Anti-Rabies Vaccine (VAR) in Bali. The Bali Provincial Health Office also explained, if VAR can be obtained at the rabies center, which is located at the puskesmas or hospitals spread across 9 regencies / cities in Bali. This article has been published on tribun-bali.com with the title Check Locations Here, Puskesmas and Hospitals in Bali that are Available VAR


The followings are:

Badung:  RSUD Kapal, Puskesmas Petang 1, Puskesmas Abiansemal 1, Puskesmas Mengwi 1, Puskesmas Kuta Utara, Puskesmas Kuta 1, Puskesmas Kuta Selatan, Puskesmas Abiansemal 2, Puskesmas Abiansemal 3, Puslesmas Petang 2, Puskesmas mengwi 2, Puskesmas mengwi 3, and Puskesmas mengwi 3 Kuta Health Center 2.

Denpasar:  Wangaya Hospital, Puskesmas 1 Denpasar Selatan

Tabanan:  Tabanan Hospital, Baturiti 1 Health Center, Penebel 1 Health Center, Kediri 1 Health Center, Selemadeg Health Center and Pupuan 1 Health Center

Jembrana:  RSUD Negara, Puskesmas Gilimanuk, Puskesmas Melaya1, Puskesmas Melaya 2, Puskesmas Jembrana 1, Puskesmas Negara 1, Puskesmas Negara 2, Puskesmas Mendoyo 1, Puskesmas Mendoyo 2, Puskesmas Pekutatan 2, Puskesmas Jembrana 2, Puskesmas Pekutatan 2

Gianyar:  Gianyar Regional Public Hospital. Gianyar 1 Puskesmas, Gianyar 2 Puskesmas, Blahbatuh 1 Puskesmas, Blahbatuh 2 Puskesmas, Sukawati 1 Puskesmas, Sukawati 2 Puskesmas, Tegalalang Puskesmas 1, Tegalalang 2 Puskesmas, Tegal Siring Puskesmas 2, Puskesmas Tampak Siring 2, Puskesmas Ubud 1, Puseksmas Ubud 2, Puskesmas Tegalalang 1 and Payangan Health Center.

Bangli: RSUD Bangli, Puskesmas Kintamani 1, Puskesmas Kintamani 3.

Klungkung:  RSUD Klungkung, Puskesmas Banjarangkan 2, Puskesmas Nusa Penida 1, Puseksmas Nusa Penida 2, Puskesmas Banjarangkan 1, Puskesmas Nusa Penida 3, Puseksmas Dawan 1, Puskesmas Dawan 2, Puskesmas Klungkung 1, and Puskesmas Klungkung 2

Karangasem:  Karangasem Regional Hospital, and currently all VOCs in Karangasem are being prepared by VAR.

Buleleng:  RSUD Buleleng, Puskesmas Tejakula 1, Puskesmas Sawan 1, Puseksmas Sawan 2, Puskesmas Buleleng 1, Puseksmas Sukasada 1, Puskesmas Banjar 1, Puskasmes Banjar 2, Puskesmas Seririt 1, Puskesmas Serawan 2, Puskesmas Seririt 3, Puskesmas Busungbiu, Puskesmas Masasas 1