What is the best Travel Insurance for Bali?

Maybe you are one of those people who rarely think about how important travel insurance is. In fact, with travel insurance, you can be protected from various risks that occur while in the middle of a vacation or office work out of town.

Travel insurance is slightly different from accident insurance. If you buy travel insurance it means that you are also protected by accident insurance. However, vice versa if you buy accident insurance is not necessarily protected against events related to the trip itself. So, if you already have accident insurance does not mean you can make a claim when your luggage is lost. However, if you have an accident while traveling, you can file a claim using travel insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

Explanation of Travel Insurance

Then what is actually travel insurance? Travel insurance is an insurance policy that you buy to provide protection against financial risks and losses that may occur when you travel both domestically and abroad.

               Benefits of Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance Bali Products

Some examples of financial losses that occur such as when your plane experiences delays and even cancellations. It also often happens that your luggage is lost or misdirected so you have to wait for your baggage to be sent back to its original destination. Not only that will be covered by travel insurance, but also the risk of financial loss if you suddenly fall ill or have an accident while traveling.

Travel insurance is your savior when you have difficulty, especially if you are in a foreign country that will make it difficult for you to ask for help from relatives or family. The benefit you can receive is treatment both at home and abroad when you have to go to the hospital for various reasons. Likewise when you lose official documents such as passports and visas while abroad.

               Some things you need to know about the benefits of travel insurance

Each travel insurance benefit will be very different, depending on the type you choose. Therefore you need to adjust to the type of travel insurance that meets your needs and financial capabilities. For certain types can not cover all the events when you travel. This you can be sure of through the insurance policy you get.

So, carefully study the benefits you can get from the type of travel insurance you choose.Travel insurance is designed to provide protection against unpredictable events such as aircraft crashes. However, insurance also has exceptions to certain things. In this case for example BMKG has given a warning to not vacation in the Besakih Mountain. But you deliberately bought it to get a claim when something happens when you are traveling around Anak Krakatau Mountain which is active and ready to erupt. If this happens, travel insurance cannot cover this.

Travel insurance also protects you from terror cases in several countries including in Europe. Especially if the country you are visiting is not a safe country, so the premiums paid will certainly be even higher.

Types of Travel Insurance

Different Types of Travel Insurance

Before deciding to buy insurance, there are several types of travel insurance that you need to know in advance.

  1. The purpose of the trip

The purpose of this trip is to differentiate between trips that aim for a vacation or for work.

The difference also affects the premium that must be paid. Likewise with luggage. Sometimes even though aiming for a job but carrying golf equipment. Work-related travel is usually related to the protection of valuables carried such as laptops or other work needs, even though they are sports equipment.

One other thing that also distinguishes is the urgency of business is very risky to lose profits due to flight delays. This financial loss will be covered by insurance. For example, by giving a flight ticket option with the next flight, it can also be with a different airline.

  1. Travel Sites

Some countries such as Europe, America and Australia provide high premiums. Why? Because the cost of care and health in these countries is quite expensive. So it is quite natural that the travel insurance premium to be paid will be far more expensive compared to other countries. This insurance also usually covers domestic and foreign trips with different premiums. In fact there are also special religious travel insurance such as Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage insurance.

  1. Number of Insured

For the number of insured, it is distinguished between individual travel insurance and group travel insurance. Of course the more insured the more premiums that will have to be paid. Group travel insurance is usually utilized by travel agents who bring their customers traveling to various destinations both domestically and abroad. In addition, group travel insurance can also be used by schools or colleges that conduct study tours or field trips with students.

  1. Duration of Travel

This type of insurance is adjusted to the duration and number of departures. For example there is a one-time trip (single trip insurance) or insurance that has protected all trips made in one year or a certain period of time (annual trip insurance). The more frequent the trip will be more efficient to buy insurance that has a longer period so that you do not have to bother making repeat purchases. Annual travel insurance is also very suitable for workers who travel frequently on business. Whereas for those of you who rarely travel either for business needs or just for travel, can choose the type of travel insurance according to their needs.


Choose the Best Travel Insurance According to Your Needs

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has a very low premium. To make the purchase even easier now you don’t need to be bothered anymore because it can be done online by transferring funds according to the type chosen. Some data needed is very simple, such as the type of policy needed, how many people will be insured, the purpose of the trip and the start date and end date of the trip. Each type has different benefits.

For example the Silver package only offers the benefit of losing goods worth Rp2 million while the Gold package can get up to Rp8 million in claim money. Likewise with other benefits such as trip cancellations, medical expenses due to accidents, permanent disability compensation & total permanent disability, along with loss of travel documents. Travel insurance premiums are very affordable, starting from Rp. 75 thousand to Rp. 300 thousand per week with domestic and international destinations.

One thing you need to pay attention to is make sure how much coverage, network and facilities obtained from the insurance you buy. Because not all travel insurance products cover all countries in the world. Therefore, do research in depth before choosing the best insurance for your trip.