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What To Do When You’re Trapped in Seminyak Traffic? Park Your Bike and On Foot We Go!

If it’s your first time in Bali and you didn’t do enough research while you were back home, you may find yourself surprised by the traffic;

Even more so if you’re coming in the holiday season along with million other people.

Yes, with the growing conscience of the country’s tourism board, it seems like more and more people are entering the island each and every year.

Plus, the insanely easy way to get a car give to the bombarding growth of car rentals, trying to accommodate transportation need for the people spending their leisure time in Bali, increasing traffic on the island’s relatively narrow roads even more than before.

Unless you’re going to the more remote areas in Bali or there are kids with you, it will actually be much better if you opt for the motorbikes.

Just like the car rentals, you can find bikes for rent almost everywhere you go, especially in tourist-packed areas like Kuta and Seminyak where you can find bikes with “for rent” signs parked on the road side.

Easily ask the people around the bike if you find yourself interested and they will help you find the owner, no big deal.

However, we do know that some holidays (we’re looking at you, NYE) will leave the roads jam-packed like no other.

It’s no secret that a 5 minutes car ride can turn into 2 hours one when it comes to the high season.

If even bikes fail to bring you to the place you’re going to, then we say, park’em and go on foot!

First find a relatively safe parking space (we recommend minimarkets) and take a pic of the place to help you find it back later. Better yet, ask the locals for the name of the road and have it written down on your phone.

When you get all the info you need, turn to your map apps for direction to the place you’re going to and start walking.

While Legian and Seminyak are easily accessible by foot, you can also wing it and walk along the roads to try you luck. You may find cool little places to shop, eat, drink or dance that you otherwise won’t. Kayu Aya Street is full of fun little places like these and there’s La Favela too, you know, just in case you feel like dancing the night off.

Rumours is also a nice place to start the night with a few drinks by the bar. If you prefer a calm and fine dining instead, come by to Ultimo and have your tasting palate indulged by some amazing Italian cuisine.

You art nerds can have an interesting day at Nyaman Gallery, a gallery showcasing new Balinese (and other Indonesian) new artists. Find a piece or two for you to bring back home, and you’ll always be reminded of your wild Bali nights long after you leave the island.

Spend some relaxing hours in Bodyworks Spas and have yourself rejuvenated before filling it up with alcoholic concoctions all over again.

Lay down and enjoy sunset at Ku De Ta, or, if you’re in for a more different kind of entertainment, go catch a show on the Theatre Art Gallery, where you can find an array of both traditional and more modern Indonesian show puppets called wayang in display, along with the story behind each character.

Last but not least, get yourself to Seminyak’s newest main attraction Tropicola.

As Motel Mexicola’s younger sister, this cool and retro beach club will take your holiday to a whole new level.

Get some tan, take a dip, flaunt those new bikinis, lay in bliss, have a drink, get some snacks, they even have raw food in their menu list. Just, Heaven.

Check out the place more in our other post here. Just remember to get your bike back afterwards!