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The Thrill of Bali’s Traditional Buffalo racing at Negara District

Bali will never run out to be visited and explored. In addition to beautiful natural beaches, Friends of Enchantment must also know the traditions that are original and unique in each area. Makepung Tradition or Buffalo Racing is the most exciting one.

If Madura has a bull race, Bali also has a tradition of racing that uses animals. The difference, Bali does not use cows, but buffalo. This tradition is called Makepung.

Makepung Lampit in the muddy rice fields takes place in the rice fields of Tegal Wangi Subak, Kaliakah Village, Negara District. This competition was witnessed by Jembrana residents and foreign tourists.

The Makepung Lampit tradition which is held in the rice field area of ​​Tegal Wangi Subak, Kaliakah Village, Negara District takes place when the planting season arrives.

Makepung, means chasing. The tradition that originated from Jembana Regency, Bali, was only a battle of buffalo strength when plowing the fields in Jembrana. Then, as time went by, the farmers in Jembana Regency carried out the tradition of buffalo racing routinely with the paddy field racing arena.

Although it was only a prank made by farmers, now Makepung is done by various groups. In fact, this tradition is also held professionally and contested in the form of Governor’s Cup. The number of buffaloes involved can reach 300 pairs.

After the harvest, as one of the gratitude to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, the Jembrana people in Bali always celebrate it with the Makepung tradition. The event in the form of buffalo racing includes the tradition of sports for the people of the City Country and surrounding areas. In contrast to the bull racing in Madura, the buffalo, which is pitted for speed and strength, is decorated on its head very beautifully.

Makepung has now become an arena of competition as well as leading tourism. In Indonesian, the word “makepung” can be interpreted as “racing” or “chasing one another”. Although it is a buffalo race, but to determine the winner is not seen from the buffalo pair which touches the finish line first. The winner is determined by how far the distance the buffalo pair in front can reach.

The distance between buffalo races will be determined when the race starts, usually about 10 meters. Well, if the one in front can increase the distance at the finish, the buffalo and the owner will be the winners. If the one behind can narrow the distance or even overtake the buffalo in front, the buffalo pair will win. A racecourse is a dirt road in a paddy field, usually about two kilometers away. Makepung is usually held on Sunday from June to October each year. Every two weeks, there will be a Makepung event with different racing locations. The climax, Makepung was held at the Regent Cup with the biggest prize.

Buddy Enchantment can find information about the Makepung implementation schedule first before planning to be able to watch this adrenaline-driven event. Makepung usually starts in the morning around 07.00 WITA. So, it is better for you to stay in Negara City, which provides a variety of small hotels or lodgings. If you want to depart from Denpasar, then you will have to leave before dawn around 3.30 WITA.

26 participants joined this event, and participants who were all farmers were very enthusiastic in participating in the competition. Everything raced to be the fastest to the 200-meter finsih line. I was so excited, there was a jockey who fell from his footing.

Mekepung as one of the typical traditions and hobbies of the people of Jembrana Regency to date.

Tourism assets that are strategic and potential to be preserved and developed, because of their uniqueness and uniqueness in Bali and even at the national and international level. and as a venue for promotion of Jembrana Regency Tourism in particular and Bali in general

The mekepung competition is also expected to have a positive impact on other sectors such as agriculture and animal husbandry, because with the Mekepung tradition, it is proven to be able to prevent the conversion of agricultural land, and on the other hand the community feels motivated to maintain carbons intensively in order to participate in the competition mekepung which is held regularly every year.