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Rabies Immunoglobulin Vaccination : Indication, dosage, side effect, precaution

Vaccination against rabies is used in two distinct situations: to protect those who are at risk of exposure to rabies, i.e. preexposure vaccination; to prevent the development of clinical rabies after exposure has occurred, usually following the bite of an animal suspected of having rabies, i.e. post-exposure prophylaxis. The vaccines used for pre-exposure and post-exposure […]

Updated Rabies spreads in remote areas of Bali and Java in 2019

Rabies or mad dog disease is an acute infectious disease in the mammalian nervous system (including humans) caused by the rabies virus. This disease is very deadly and is zoonotic or transmitted from animals to humans. Transmission occurs due to virus particles in the saliva of infected animals that enter the human body or sensitive […]

Dog Bite Can Cause Rabies in Humans, Learn ‘F A T’

dog bite can cause rabies

Dog bite can cause Rabies in humans. Actually when rabid dog bites you, there’s no way to know whether the animal has transmitted the rabies virus to you. First aid Training after got bitten by animal is really important for you to know to stay away from rabies. For this reason, treatment to prevent the […]


Bali was rabies free until an infected dog arrived on a fishing boat in 2008. Since then, over 150 people have died and many thousands of dogs have been killed in the attempt to eradicate the disease. The virus is still present in parts of Bali and proving very difficult to eradicate completely due to […]

Hi! This is us, Hydro Medical. Your Best Holiday Mate in Bali

WHEN talking about the Island of Bali, what does come to your mind? Are they world-class culture, delicious specialties or beautiful nature like in paradise or unique hangout for a party to spend the night with your soul mate or friends on vacation?   Abundant interesting activities that can be done in Bali make you […]

Be Prepare to do First Aid

Safety is everything for us. Maintain safety by all means to avoid the risk of experiencing disaster. However, it can happen anytime and anywhere. Often medical emergency situations occur even around us. These circumstances need to be treated early before being taken to the hospital. If they happen near you now, could you do that?. […]