Rabies is a serious disease. It is caused by a virus. Rabies is mainly a disease of animals. Humans get rabies when they are bitten by infected animals. At first there might not be any symptoms. But weeks, or even months after a bite, rabies can cause pain, fatigue, headaches, fever, and irritability. These are […]

Facts that patient must not skip 3rd rabies vaccine

Rabies is deadly! Rabies is an infectious viral disease that is almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms. In up to 99% of cases, domestic dogs are responsible for rabies virus transmission to humans. Yet, rabies can affect both domestic and wild animals. It is spread to people through bites or scratches, usually […]

The Exotic Charm of Balinese Clothing for Praying also Ceremonies

Traditional Balinese clothing are colorful, extravagant and aesthetically pleasing. They are used for religious ceremonies and daily use. The clothing is different for males and females. Years ago, the Balinese did not wear any clothing for their upper body. These days, women wear kebaya and men wear collared shirts. This is what the traditional clothing […]

Top Five Speakers at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2019

The 16th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival just over this week, and it was a perfect place to be for all literate and art lovers. This truly annual pilgrimage for lovers of literature and conversation, the festival is a platform for a mutual exchange and cross-cultural dialogues. A place where both authors and audiences alike […]

The Benefits of Getting the Rabies Vaccine & The Risks if You Don’t

With a proper rabies vaccine injection, you can remain calm if your dog or cat is attacked or has an encounter with a wild animal. Rabies is a very serious disease that is caused by a virus. It can be transmitted to humans through bites of infected animals which likely can be found near us […]

Updated A-Z About Rabies In Bali: The History of Rabies outbreak in Bali

The date was December 1st, 2008 when Indonesian Minister of Agriculture signed the statement of the rabies outbreak in Bali. It was also revealed that the rabies outbreak on the Island of Bali was the first in history, because until then Bali was rabies free. An incursion occurred, and the disease spread rapidly across the […]

Travelers Most Asked Questions, What is Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy & Its Benefits?

Receiving vitamins intravenously has become an increasingly popular trend, especially among celebrities. Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a method of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. ‘Alternative therapy’ clinics recommend this for a wide range of conditions including cancer, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), asthma, fibromyalgia (widespread pain), chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, […]

Manta Bay, the Place You Must Go to Encounter the Majestic Manta Rays in Bali

Manta Rays are cool animals! You should put “swimming with the Manta Rays” on your bucket list, and start to learn diving and/or snorkelling. Belonging to the genus Manta, these huge and graceful creatures is then further divided into two: the larger Manta Birostris reaching 7 metres (23 ft) in width, and the smaller Manta […]

Hi! This is us, Hydro Medical. Your Best Holiday Mate in Bali

WHEN talking about the Island of Bali, what does come to your mind? Are they world-class culture, delicious specialties or beautiful nature like in paradise or unique hangout for a party to spend the night with your soul mate or friends on vacation?   Abundant interesting activities that can be done in Bali make you […]


Bali is a favorite destination which have a lot of tourism objects and a lot of tourist love to visit there, especially in holiday season. Ubud is one of favorite destination in Bali because of ubud have a lot of good tourism objects. Monkey forest is a one of those kind of them. There are […]