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Updated A-Z About Rabies In Bali: The History of Rabies outbreak in Bali

The date was December 1st, 2008 when Indonesian Minister of Agriculture signed the statement of the rabies outbreak in Bali. It was also revealed that the rabies outbreak on the Island of Bali was the first in history, because until then Bali was rabies free. An incursion occurred, and the disease spread rapidly across the […]

Honest Info For The Travelers, Rabies Is Easy To Prevent In Bali

Planned to have a vacation in Bali when suddenly got worried caused by rumors about rabies spread on the Island? But what is Rabies? Here are things to know about rabies: Rabies is a rapidly progressing virus that causes death. It is a disease spread by the bite or lick of an infected animal, mostly […]

5 Things To Do To Avoid Flu On Vacation

Picture this, you had been preparing & planning an amazing holiday for quite some time and then BAM! out of the thin air you catch a flu. There might be a good chance your holiday season include some travels where we’re exposed to a whole new range of bugs, parasites and environments and you’re probably […]

Easy to Find Economical Family Meals in Seminyak; Warung!

Affordable meals in Seminyak area could be quite easy to find if you know where to look. Just go to Warung! I know you might be wondering, what is Warung? Well, a warung is a type of small-family owned-bussines, a small restaurant or cafe in Indonesia. The word ‘warung’ attached to the culinary business is […]

The Passionate Gypsy Bast, Celebrating Women’s Sensuality with Love, Yoga and dance

This is fascinating! when you mix the all-over spiritually peaceful Balinese ambience with the power of women, you’ll get Gypsy Bast. A unique name isnt’t it? You might be wondering, who is Gypsy Bast? She’s a world-reknown yogi/dancer/choreographer/meditation teacher/pilates master, you know what, we honestly think there’s nothing this amazing woman can’t do. Okay, anyway, […]


Are you guys planning to travel to Bali? Planning a trip could be really a lot of work! But it is important for you especially if you want to go travel overseas. So, before you decide, please read these five tips on how to have a well-planned trip to Bali. Tips number one, avoid the […]

Manta Bay, the Place You Must Go to Encounter the Majestic Manta Rays in Bali

Manta Rays are cool animals! You should put “swimming with the Manta Rays” on your bucket list, and start to learn diving and/or snorkelling. Belonging to the genus Manta, these huge and graceful creatures is then further divided into two: the larger Manta Birostris reaching 7 metres (23 ft) in width, and the smaller Manta […]


Tropicola Beach Club is a new exciting beach club in Seminyak area. Sunset, beach, cafes, and music are the perfect ingredients to enjoy vacation. Yes, the Seminyak area is indeed crowded with a range of unique concept cafes and restaurants, and Tropicola is quite big, designed with bright colors, along with pool and sunbeds, as […]