Why Should the Internet be Shut Down by Bali’s Gov’ Every Nyepi?

Nyepi day of silence

Unless you’re a Bali regular or local resident, chances are, you’ve never heard about Nyepi, AKA Bali’s “Day of Silence”. It’s when, for a full 24 hours, all of the island’s lights must be switched off, transport comes to a halt and everyone must stay at home. Sounds crazy? In our humble opinion, Nyepi is […]

The Exotic Charm of Balinese Clothing for Praying also Ceremonies

Traditional Balinese clothing are colorful, extravagant and aesthetically pleasing. They are used for religious ceremonies and daily use. The clothing is different for males and females. Years ago, the Balinese did not wear any clothing for their upper body. These days, women wear kebaya and men wear collared shirts. This is what the traditional clothing […]