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The Potential of Mandalika on Lombok Tourism

Lombok Mandalika

LOMBOK, or more precisely Mandalika Lombok, is finally welcoming its first flux of both local and international visitors– with its inaugural MotoGP race happening this November – as it hosts the World Superbike or WSBK Mandalika, followed only a few months later by the International MotoGP 2022 fixture in March.   Lombok Mandalika is now […]

Two World Class Sport Events Held In Mandalika & Bali

Two world class sport events

Two world class sport events will be held in Indonesia in near time. Here are some teas for you to keep you up to date for these sport events. First, let’s talk about sport event that would be held in Mandalika. Almost a quarter of a century after the country hosted its last MotoGP race, […]