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Bug Bites in Bali: Preventing Those Itchy Welts

The initial contact of a bite may be painful. It’s often followed by an allergic reaction to venom deposited into your skin through the animal’s mouth or stinger. The appearance can vary. Whether you’re in the water, on a mountain trail, or in your backyard, wildlife you encounter have ways of protecting themselves and their […]

Don’t Let Dengue Fever Derail Your Long-Term Bali Dream

Dengue fever, or breakbone fever, results from a viral infection carried by Aedes mosquitoes. Symptoms include a high fever and body aches. Severe dengue can involve shock and haemorrhagic fever. It can be life-threatening and needs urgent medical treatment. Four different viruses can cause dengue fever. Symptoms range of dengue fever from mild to severe. […]

Understanding Flu and Dengue Fever: Risks and Prevention

Dengue (pronounced DENgee) fever is a painful, debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses. These viruses are related to the viruses that cause West Nile infection and yellow fever. An estimated 400 million dengue infections occur worldwide each year, with about 96 million resulting in illness.   Dengue (break-bone […]

Dengue on Holiday

Dengue on holiday

Nicknamed “breakbone fever”, for its severe muscle aches and fevers, dengue is the fastest-spreading, mosquito-borne disease in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 50 – 100 million people are infected annually, with half a million hospitalized with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Seasoned travelers will be familiar with Dengue, as the disease is prolific […]

A Brief Article That Tells You What is Dengue Fever and How to Handle it

Dengue Fever is one of most popular and most terified infectious disease when you’re traveling to the exotic tropical countries. Dengue is a viral infection transmited only by mosquito bite. Its incubation period varies and the clinical symptoms range from flu-like illness to hemorraghic shock and multiple organ failure that lead to death. The signs […]

Travelers, Read This article to finally understand the Dengue Fever Cycle


Dengue fever is endemic in most tropical and sub-tropical countries, which is also a popular tourist destination. Dengue fever has been designated as a major international public health problem by the World Health Organization (WHO). Tourists not only have a significant risk of dengue fever but they also contribute to its spread to non-endemic areas. […]