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10 Things to Do on Sunday to Fill your Sunday Bucket-list in Bali

Sunday morning, wind is flowing…

What a windy-coldy days in Bali lately. What are you guys doing in this favorite day of the weekend?

A typical Sunday in Bali, although it is a holiday, is actually nothing different than any other day. Because in Bali, every day is holiday. That line is no joke. Maybe everyone think that Bali has some typical daily routine activities like in a big city such as Bangkok, Manila, or maybe Jakarta, while everything is getting busy in the weekend, streets are full of vehicles, people are massively going to the park, restaurant or shopping mall to get an amusement, but Bali seems to have its own rhythm which is a little bit mysterious.

In other words, you can’t really predict what’s going to be, it can be really crowded on the weekend, or otherwise. No wonder, Bali is indeed a touristic place, so the daily rhythm is not really the same like in a city. However, Sunday in Bali is still enjoyable, because there are some unique places which you can explore. So, if you guys wondering what to do on Sunday, here we collect some places which you can choose visit to make your Sunday worth to enjoy.

  1. Jogging with locals on Bali Car Free Day at Denpasar city

Skip the tourist traps, act like a local, so you can explore like a local. This fun activity which always held on Sunday morning, effectively from 9 am to 12 pm is called Bali Car Free Day. A day with no car or any other motor-vehicles exclusively in Renon area, Denpasar city. Yes, Bali does have a capital city, where there a lot of office, both governmental or non-governmental, and the architecture of the building is still in a traditional way. You will find the locals together with their friends or family enjoying the fresh air while jogging or doing some sports like badminton, football, baseball, etc. Some communities like skateboarder, cyclist, in-line-skater, or even marching band groups are likely join this activity to have meet-up or just having a practice together. After car free day is over, you could visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument right in the middle of this area. Bajra Sandhi monument is a monument to the struggles of the Balinese people throughout history. There is a museum and diorama inside the monument, so if you’re interested in Bali’s history you should definitely check it out!

  1. Swim between the sea of clouds: Munduk Moding Plantation

Have you ever imagined you could touch the clouds? This dream might be realized here. From the edge of the 18-meter infinity pool at Munduk Moding Plantation, clouds can be reached by hand. Yes, the white clouds of cotton spread out wide before you with a panoramic view of the coffee plantations below. The magical atmosphere offered by this place is not just a stretch of white clouds. Designed by renowned architect from Bali, Popo Danes, the interior of the resort combines the traditional Balinese elements with a modern style which blends nicely to the surrounding nature. There are only nine villas and three suites here, so if you want to stay overnight, you should order from afar. From inside the room, you just have to slide the glass door to enjoy the beauty of the scenery of the coffee plantation surrounded by forest. There is no other place as calm and romantic as this…

  1. Dive into dramatic volcanic views: Villa Sidemen

Bali is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but also has several volcanoes, both active and non-active. Imagine, how cool it can be to wake up in the morning with a view of a volcano? You can feel it yourself at Villa Sidemen, where every guest who stays is not only served by the panorama of the highest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung, but also a quiet and soothing atmosphere. And you can also enjoy the cool scenery right from the room (even from the bed!), because each room has large windows. Interested to book it on your Sunday holiday plan?

  1. The Orange carpet: Temukus Village

If the village scene is usually dominated by green, then in Temukus Village you will be amazed by the sea of orange flowers! Marigold or Gemitir flowers in Bahasa Indonesia are flowers which are often used in various Balinese ceremony. Temukus Village is a quiet village in the Eastern Bali, close to the biggest Balinese-Hindu temple, Pura Besakih. Many of its villagers plant this flower, so you will easily find the Gemitir flower field here and there. If you guys want to take some photos, please don’t forget to ask the owner first. Not only Gemitir, there is also the Kasna flower field which has a beautiful white colour. If you want to go there, the best time is before the harvest season so you can witness the sea of white flowers resembles snow!

  1. Camping in a comfortable and luxurious place: Glamping Tents

Glamping or glamourous camping is the latest trend that allows anyone to feel the sensation of camping but with five-star comfort. In Sandat Glamping Tents, situated in Tampaksiring, Gianyar regency, you can blend with nature without having to abandon luxury, modern facilities, and of course … Wi-Fi. Seriously dude, who doesn’t need a Wi-Fi? You may get lost in travelling, but always, Wi-Fi is still number one. True nature lovers might frown at this trend, but if you can camp with style, why not?

  1. Mysterious faces in the Hidden Gorge in Sukawati

In Sukawati near the Beji Guwang Temple area, there is a magnificent sacred canyon but not yet widely known. For artists, photographers, creative workers, content creators or anyone who wants to find an inspiration directly from such beautiful natural wonders, then this hidden canyon is a must-visit. The unique thing is if you look carefully at the cliffs that make up this canyon, you will be able to see various human expressions. Even the face shape resembles an animal. If it’s not enough to amaze you, the composition of the colour of the rocks in the canyon will definitely be an interesting dish for your eyes.

  1. The trendiest bazaar for the hipsters: Love Anchor at Canggu

Who says Bali is only about beautiful scenery and delicious food to eat? Don’t miss the Island of God hipsters trend by visiting weekend markets and boutiques that sells variety of unique knick-knacks, household furniture to fashion. Canggu is now known as the most hipster area in Bali… Well, if you walk along Batu Bolong street after sunset, you will surely find a small yet “instagrammable” market among several restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. The small market was even lit by coquettish decorative lights. And every Sunday, this area transforms into a cool bazaar with impromptu outlets. Here you can find outlets that sell unique and trendy fashion products, home decorations, and art objects. There are also cute items for your kids. Tired of walking around, you can relax and buy drinks during the Happy Hour promo.

Note: Although this place is “instagramable”, the price of the items offered is rather expensive. But it’s still worth to visit.

  1. It’s horrifying… yet it’s exciting: Frankenstein’s Laboratory

Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, you will definitely like the Frankenstein’s Laboratory in Seminyak, which not only has a unique theme and atmosphere, but also the scariest bar in Bali. The Lab which is also a bar, is a place where you can order cocktails with strange compositions served in bottles and test tubes and syringes. You can order something that is not in the menu list. If you want to do an experiment, ask “crazy scientists” there to mix something you want. Try tasting the Monster Bites menu in the restaurant, or watching the performance of Dancing Dead Cabaret whose personnel consists of zombies covered in blood, Dracula and of course The Frankenstein.

  1. Witness the impressive beauty of Tukad Cepung Waterfall

You have to know that the waterfalls in Bali is seriously cool. One of the waterfalls which is rarely visited is the Tukad Cepung Waterfall. You have to climb a lot and climb to find this beautiful waterfall, so prepare to wear appropriate footwear. No less important, take good care of the environment around this waterfall as the local resident’s guard it. Once past the derivative, look up and see the cliffs that surround the waterfall with the flow of water from the river above it. You can feel a really nice and calm atmosphere there.

  1. Magical panorama of Mount Batur from the suburb village

Mount Batur is the most visited active volcano. But usually the tourists prefer to enjoy the splendor of this mountain from Batur Village, which are both in Kintamani District. Take time to hike and see the panoramic view of Mount Batur from a more remote village, Pinggan Village. Guaranteed to be much more splendid and elegant. From this 1,717m altitude, the quiet and calm atmosphere will bewitch you. When the sun dawns on the eastern horizon and sets in the west is the most fitting moment to enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur. Night scenery was no less charming, with luminescent lights from the village at the foot of the mountain, and the silhouette of the mountain against the background of the starlight in the dark sky.

So, which one would you choose to fulfil your Sunday bucket-list?