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Been bitten by Dog or Monkey?

Get Vaccinated at Hydromedical's Rabies Vaccination Center

Rabies Vaccine Immunoglobulin

Available 24 Hour

Rabies Vaccine & Immunoglobulin availablle 24-hour
  • Ready stock on site of Rabies Vaccine and immunoglobulin.
  • Full range of Travel Vaccination services.
  • Conveniently located with practices in both Seminyak, Canggu, Berawa, and Kuta.
  • Experienced and registered medical professionals deliver all treatments.
  • Health and Travel insurance supported.
  • Full range of cosmetic and regular medical services (including GP) available.
  • Available 24-Hour visits or home service to your Villa or Hotel available by request.

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Send us your details below and select your preferred appointment date (can be today), and we'll call you right back to confirm. We have ready stock of Rabies HRIG Vaccines available now, and can arrange visits to your Villa or Hotel if required.


HYDRO MEDICAL is your fully equipped and trusted medical practice in Bali, conveniently located in Canggu, Berawa, and Kuta. Our experienced doctors, knowledgeable nurses, and friendly staff are dedicated to providing high-quality care at affordable prices.

Protect yourself against the risk of Rabies in Bali with our specialized vaccination services. If you’ve had a bite, scratch, or other contact with stray animals, our Rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin treatment will ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Experience the benefits of IV vitamin therapy at HYDRO MEDICAL. Whether recovering from diarrhea (Bali Belly), needing an energy boost, or seeking a hangover cure, our IV vitamin drip delivers 100% bioavailability directly into your bloodstream. Under the consultation of our doctors, our experienced nursing professionals will administer the treatment with a painless needle procedure.

Rest assured that our expert English-speaking medical team will provide you with safe and caring hands throughout your treatment at HYDRO MEDICAL. Trust us for exceptional care in Bali, where your health and well-being are our top priorities.

“We strive to take care of you and the ones you love”