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Are you guys planning to travel to Bali? Planning a trip could be really a lot of work!

But it is important for you especially if you want to go travel overseas.

So, before you decide, please read these five tips on how to have a well-planned trip to Bali.

Tips number one, avoid the rainy season.

Almost all year long is the best time to visit Bali. But if you could decide, our advice is to avoid the rainy season.

The dry season in Bali is in the range from April to September. In April – September it is very rare to rain in Bali. But there are consequences for choosing a holiday during the dry season.

Consequently, your skin will be darker because of the sun. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a sun block, at least it will reduce the sunburn.

Tips number two, pay attention to the high seasons.

Because at that time, almost all prices become high, such as airline ticket prices, hotel prices, and car or motorbike rental prices in Bali. The range of price increases during high season is around 25% – 40%.

High season in Bali takes place in June – July (school holiday season), August (holiday season for foreigners), December – early January (Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, or Peak Season). So, if you’re on a budget, try to avoid it.

Tips number three, decide the area that you want to visit first, before you decide where to stay.

Bali really varies so much that different areas of Bali can cater for people with completely different interests.

This is partly what makes Bali a great holiday destination. For example, in the north, there is Lovina Beach, tranquil and famous for the jumping dolphins. In the west, there is West Bali National Park, a perfect place for eco-tourists, and wild life lover.

There is Amed in the east, where you can do diving and snorkelling. In the center, you can go to Ubud, where there is a lot of natural scenery of terrace rice paddies, also famous for the handicrafts.

Or the iconic Tanah Lot, home to the ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple. The south, known for the best surf spot in the world, where the waves is always available throughout the year, not like in other countries where there is an off season.

And there is Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida. It is small islands in the southeast coast of Bali. Best for slow steps, relaxing, diving, surfing, snorkelling, and the popular ones, for Instagram!

When it comes to planning a trip, for sure we should check how much budget you need to spend, this will be the tips number four.

Just in case you’re running out of money in the middle of nowhere, it is important to make an estimation, that way you can know for sure how much you should save for your trip.

The cost of travelling around Bali depends on how do you want.

You could choose to stay on a luxury hotel or resort and eat at a pricey fancy restaurant, or stay in a cheap homestay and eat street food if you wish.

On our average count, at least you need to spend around IDR 600.000 per day. This is probably convenient budget for you. You will get a room with air-con, hot-water, a rental motorbike, and full day meals, even occasional massage.

But again, it really depends on your lifestyle. The accommodation for hotel or homestay usually starts from IDR 200.000 per night, and then for motorbike rental starts from IDR 60.000, also add IDR 30.000 for gasoline.

Our tips, try to taste local food which is relatively cheap, it cost around IDR 20.000 or above, with no drink. There are many ATM around but you should consider about the bank fee.

Some places have a card machine for doing the transaction but always keep some cash in your wallet. And don’t forget to find a good money changer. Here is an article to find the safe one.

Tips number five, plan your transport. Getting around Bali is easy and you have a few options.

Unfortunately, there is no public transport in Bali so you will have to rely on private drivers and apps to find you drivers or drive a scooter.

The cheapest way to move between different areas is to hire a Grab or Gojek. If you’re comfortable driving a scooter by yourself then you can hire a scooter and drive wherever you want to.

Driving in Bali can be challenging because of traffic and it is highly recommended to only drive if you have experience. If you don’t, then either choose not to drive or practice somewhere quiet first.

Finally, the last is pay attention to everything you do. There is so much thing to do in Bali, whether if you like to seek for adventure, or maybe a calm place to refresh your mind, or looking for a party all night long.

Remember to always look around and see. Because the meaning of travelling is not only to have a holiday in your free time, but try to learn and adapt.

Happy travelling, guys!