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Old Man’s Canggu Market is Bali’s Iconic Local Weekend Market!!

Did you know that Canggu has been transformed into one of the favourite places on the ‘digital nomad’ list?

As you know, we are now entering a popular culture called nomadic tourism, with digital nomads as the perpetrators. Canggu has enough potential to make tourists feel comfortable and feel calm but still be able to work remotely or online. Digital Nomad is a person who uses the internet and works mobile in certain locations. A lifestyle where you can still work while traveling.

Canggu was chosen as the most favourite preferred “basecamp” by digital nomads in the world because it fulfilled two conditions. First, they want tranquillity, and second, an extremely good access to the internet is available. The development of the Canggu area as an exclusive traveller’s destination is indeed experiencing rapid progress over the past few years. Some travellers actually choose an area that is a little bit far from the crowd and frenetic entertainment such as Kuta or Legian. Back in 2014, there was little more than rice paddies, surfers and a few local warungs and restaurants. But now Canggu has exploded in the last few years and it’s now become the place to be in Bali, with everything from luxury villas, surf camps, beach clubs and up-market restaurants, attracting celebs, influencers and a whole lot of hipsters.

Before, some travellers called Canggu as the new-age/organic of vibe Ubud fused with hipster surf culture. And Evidently, the opening of several resorts and beach clubs in the Canggu area is an indication of the development of tourism potential there. This little hipster enclave has appealing cafes and restaurants everywhere. If you measured its cool factor by hipster cafes per capita, it might just be the coolest place on the planet right now. Dominated by around 70% Australian tourists and 30% of tourists from other continents (mainly Europeans), Canggu is full of people in their mid-20’s, where passion, creativity, ideology and emotion are at the highest point. You can feel the dynamic movement in Canggu. The creativity explosions and the bold trend happening. It’s also a destination for the backpackers.

So, if you happened to stay in Canggu, the hippest hood on the island make sure to check this favourite beachfront bar, the Old Man’s. A grown-up’s playground, fun and friendly hipster hangout, they said in their website. Located right on the edge of Batu Bolong Beach makes Old Man more than a place to hang out while enjoying drinks and Western food at affordable prices, but also a place to wash your eyes while watching the action of the surfers. Cosy place to have a drink, grab a bite or just a cup of coffee after surf, even to watch an epic sunset. This is the most perfect location to relax after satisfied surfing or playing on the beach all day.

In a way, Old Man’s is a very popular drinking spot among surfers and young people. The atmosphere is so nice and warm, so whatever time you come almost always crowded. Immersed in music and the sea breeze. Especially if you want to watch the sunset, then this is a very strategic spot! More and more the atmosphere of Old Man’s atmosphere will be even more lively with live music performances by local bands starting at 18:30. On weekends, the atmosphere will be ‘hotter’ with the presence of DJs who bring music that is fun and full of rhythm. Whenever you come here, your ears will always be spoiled by music.

Another fun activity to do on the weekend is visiting local market. Everyone loves a market, don’t they? Perusing market stalls trying to sniff out a bargain or a one of a kind piece is one of my favourite things to do while traveling. A day at the markets is never a bad idea, and Bali is no exception. So, if you think that shopping at weekend markets are only a thing in Bangkok, you might be wrong, because although it is not as vibrant, Bali’s very own Sunday markets are full of surf, sand and summer styles that will surprise you.

While most people would suggest visiting a typical Bali souvenir market, there’s actually many other markets in Canggu offering artsy, organic and quirky items. It’s the perfect destination for those looking for an eclectic mix of items ranging from organic skincare, handmade jewellery, bohemian interior décor and fresh produce, all in one place. Shopping is not only done while at the market, but you also get to mingle with locals, expats and travellers from all over the world. You don’t want to miss Bali’s best weekend markets while staying in the ‘Gu (Canggu’s nickname).

Old Man’s Sunday Market is one of the best weekend market in Canggu. Relatively open on the last Saturday of the month (check their Instagram or Facebook page for exact dates), starting as early as 8 AM and going on until 3 PM, you should definitely head to Old Man’s Market. This beer garden known for its signature blue backdrop transforms into a treasure trove full of unique artisan goods, a market brimmed with fresh produce, handmade jewellery and accessories, vintage clothing and numerous surf-related items. Don’t forget to check out their best-selling silver-made products, such as necklace, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Feel like shopping some catchy clothes? At Old Man’s Market, you can pick up so many fashionable pieces of clothing, from the dresses to the branded tees. Alongside the clothing are many other quirky stools selling everything from baked goods to organic skin care products. Get your hands on chic jewellery, fun beachwear, and (if you are health-conscious) some very sumptuous organic food. It’s a kind of hipster shopping gathering you wouldn’t want to miss.

FYI, the government of Bali has finally established a regulation of reducing the use of plastic bag. Some shops won’t even give plastic bag to you due to its prohibition. This makes Bali getting close to zero waste lifestyle. So, take a look at some zero-waste products while you visit this Old Man’s Canggu Weekend Market. A zero-waste lifestyle is a lifestyle to minimize the production of waste generated from each individual in an effort to preserve the environment.

Aiming to achieve a resource lifecycle that no trash is sent to landfill, it can achieve sustainability, improve product’s lifespan, mitigate environmental pollution, combat global warming, reduce the burden of landfill and reduce environmental footprint. You guys could choose to buy your own tote-shopping-bag made by various kinds of fabric (some of them made from natural fibre) instead of using plastic bag, so you could re-use it again and again.

Bali Dreams, one of the zero-waste products vendor, has participated Old Man’s Market for 6 consecutive months. From every day-used product such as canvas tote bag, bamboo straw, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo cotton bud, spoon and fork made from wood, to various kinds of beauty products such as bamboo make-up remover pad, and natural loofah sponge for bath.

Old Man’s market has quite strategic location, well organized and good marketing from the vendor’s point of view, basically the best weekend market in town! So, in case you’re thinking about make and selling some products, immediately get locals to have a cooperation and start the business! Your products are better be good, because not all vendors could have participated this event, because after you registered your product, they made a selection.

Bali has over the years turned into a creative hub brimming with talented individuals, many of whom gather to sell their handicrafts at Old Man’s Market. You’ll find start-ups, established brands, expats and locals, all chatting and just having a great time. Browse through their all unique and attractive products, one of a kind accessories, beautiful ceramics and of course, plenty of surf-related items like swimsuits, sunscreens, custom fins and much more.

Sure, you’ll find something tickle your fancy. Anyway, shopping doesn’t always have to be dash-and-run. Take the entire evening to browse through the lively marketplace with up to 150 stalls gathered, crowned this place as the biggest weekend market in Canggu. So, make it as relaxed as you can.

A little tip for you, try to get there early before midday as it gets unbearably hot and crowded. Don’t worry, the market also serves delicious treats and drinks to quench your thirst and rumbling tummy. And there’s also a little fruit and vegetable section where local farmers sell their fresh produce.

Feel like grabbing a beer or jumping into the ocean after a shopping haul? Then you can just jump in the ocean to cool off whenever you like as Old Man’s is set right on Batu Bolong Beach. Simply walk down because it is located only a few steps away from the market. So, whatever you do, don’t miss this all-time favourite market in Bali!