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In these modern times, especially in the cities, women become more likely to face a lot of stress.

Stress, which include the chemical reactions in the body, increased adrenaline hormones, and other chemical processes that will eventually release toxins or poisons in the body’s cells.

Knowledge has proven the existence of a very strong relationship between physical and psychological. It was found that 50-80% of acute and chronic diseases were motivated by stress.

From the economic side, it can be seen from the many women who work both as economic demands and as a form of self-actualization. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed occasionally. Between juggling work, family, and other commitments, you can become too stressed out and busy. But you need to set time aside to unwind or your mental and physical health can suffer.

We may not be able to control stress, but we can manage it.

There are lots of ways to manage stress like doing sports, doing hobbies like eating, traveling, or even sleeping.

But there are also times when the only thing you need is just to relax, stay in calm and quiet place.

For you girls, who’s looking for a kind of activities to relieve your stress, this might be suitable for you; Be Kind Retreat Bali.

Be Kind Retreat Bali is an accommodation and activities exclusively for women which its mission is to inspire others to create more kindness in the world.

They concern about the women’s perspective that nowadays women are suffering from depression or anxiety that leads to negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and feeling lost. They are creating an alternative way to self-healing using many kinds of activities in nature. Often called a self-love retreat, Be Kind is inviting you to join a powerful journey to shift your busy life to a calm atmosphere where you can do a self-reflection, to gain back your inner strength, to love and forgive yourself from your imperfections, and learn how to be grateful in life.

Be Kind Retreat offers a package, which will be join by a single or a group of four people at maximum (at any age as well) to have activities like yoga class, meditation, coaching sessions, surfing lessons, a self-love workshop, a women-circle (which is very interesting!) and many other simple activities like massage, eating good and healthy food together. You will be staying in a private room or villa in a quiet and calm rural area in Canggu, surrounded by the rice fields and close to the beach. It is prohibited to use any digital device during the activities, as their aim to disconnect the customers from busy to-do list in life for a moment, or often called digital detox.

They believe that to live your life to the fullest, one should learn to give a balance in life, both in a spiritual and physical.

So, if you are interested to have some new experience and asking where is the place where you not only can enjoy Bali as a regular tourist, but also a place to find yourself again? Be Kind Retreat might be the one to fulfil your answer.

Come check it out their website!