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New Year Holiday season in Bali after Corona

The corona pandemic that is currently sweeping the world has had a significant impact on various sectors. One of the most affected is the tourism sector due to travel restrictions, so that many tourists cancel trips. Therefore, this period is considered to be a moment to prepare for the next wave of tourists after the corona pandemic ends. After all is over, tourists will take another walk. Revenge after months at home or the term revenge tourism, when tourism actors must take advantage of it. That preparation must be done from now on

Bali is known as the tourist destination of choice in Indonesia. All tourists no longer doubt the natural and cultural beauty of Bali. Everyone can visit Bali at any time, without any special times. However, please note, Bali is famous for its many beach spots. Bali is a heaven on earth for domestic and foreign tourists. The beauty of the Island of the Gods makes many people interested in visiting it at the end of the year. Although the cost of accommodation at the end of the year increases, this does not discourage tourists from spending their year-end holidays in Bali.

If you are on vacation in Bali, it will not be complete if you don’t get caught up in the excitement of the New Year’s celebrations there. Wandering will provide a reference for the most fun and enjoyable New Year’s place in Bali. These places will definitely be filled with tourists and the public when December 31st.


9 New Year’s Spots in Bali

  1. Kuta Beach

If you come to Kuta Beach on New Year’s Eve, you are guaranteed to see a sea of ​​people spilling over on and off the beach. Yes, Kuta Beach is a New Year’s place in Bali, a favorite of the people and tourists. From year to year the number of people who come to Kuta Beach on New Year’s Eve is increasing. New Year’s celebrations in Kuta are usually very festive fireworks. If you’re lucky, you can catch a music and cultural festival which happens to be taking place on New Year’s Eve. However, make sure you go to Kuta Beach on foot so you don’t get stuck in a very heavy traffic jam.


  1. Seminyak Beach

The New Year’s place in Bali is dominated by beaches. One of the beaches that you must visit on New Year’s Eve is Seminyak. As information, Seminyak is an area that is commonly visited by middle to upper class tourists.Around the beach there are many beach clubs and cafes that are sure to have a very lively fireworks display and party. In fact, you could say that Seminyak Beach is the most lively place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali.Seminyak Beach is dominated by foreign tourists. You must be prepared to provide extra funds if you want to spend New Years Eve at one of the beach clubs or other entertainment venues in the Seminyak area.


  1. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

This tourist park, which is located in Uluwatu, is a new year place in Bali which is quite popular besides the beach. In this large park, the community will gather since the afternoon to just walk, sit, or take pictures. Approaching midnight, the number of visitors to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana was increasing. They will both count down to welcome the New Year. Then, the event was closed with a quite lively fireworks display. To be able to enjoy New Years Eve at GWK, you are not charged a penny. You are also allowed to bring fireworks to enliven New Year’s Eve here.


  1. Ubud

Are you one of those people who doesn’t like new year’s celebrations that are too busy? New year celebrations can also be fun and exciting in peaceful serenity. Visit a villa or café in Ubud if you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a calmer atmosphere. In Ubud, there are no frenetic parties. Some cafes will actually provide entertainment in the form of live acoustic to entertain their guests. If you want a more intimate atmosphere with family or friends, you can celebrate the new year in villas in Ubud while meditating, watching movies, or maybe burning corn.


  1. Tanah Lot

This tourist attraction is famous for its two temples that stand on a very large rock. Tanah Lot is usually visited by tourists during the afternoon to the evening. However, on New Year’s Eve, Tanah Lot is very crowded with people and tourists who want New Years Eve by the beach. You need to remember that in Tanah Lot, there is usually no fireworks display. However, people can bring their own fireworks and light them on the beach at midnight. Even though it is not as crowded and as festive as New Year’s Eve celebrations at Kuta and Seminyak Beach, New Years Eve in the Tanah Lot area is quite fun and exciting, you know.


  1. Sanur Beach

You don’t need to be confused about finding a New Year’s place in Bali because there are many beaches that are commonly used as New Year spots, one of which is Sanur Beach. This beach is no less crowded than Kuta Beach, even now there are many beach clubs open on the edge of Sanur Beach.

The attraction of Sanur Beach as a place to celebrate the new year is indeed very strong. The number of visitors to this beach can increase many times when New Year’s Eve arrives. You can also mingle in the crowd who want to celebrate the new year at Sanur Beach. There is a fireworks party which is quite lively also on Sanur Beach.


  1. Jimbaran Beach

It is common knowledge that Jimbaran Beach is a “paradise” for seafood lovers. Along this beach there are many restaurants serving fresh and delicious seafood. Both domestic and foreign tourists are very happy to have dinner at a beachfront restaurant in Jimbaran. This restaurant is open until midnight on New Years Eve. So, for those of you who want to spend New Year’s Eve eating seafood and seeing fireworks decorating the night sky, immediately reserve a reservation at one of the restaurants on Jimbaran Beach.


  1. Bedugul

Tired of the beach? New Year’s place in Bali doesn’t have to be on the beach, you know. There is also a mountainous area that you can visit to celebrate New Year’s Eve, namely Bedugul. In the Bedugul area, the air is cooler and the green atmosphere is more pronounced.

New year’s activities that can be done here are taking a walk around Lake Beratan Bedugul and Pura Ulun Danu. Then, enjoy dinner at the inn or restaurant in Bedugul while watching the entertainment provided by the place you are visiting.


  1. Hotels, Beach Clubs, and Night Entertainment Places

Bali is one of the tourist attractions that has tens or even hundreds of hotels, beach clubs, and nightlife spots. This island is a magnet that can grab the attention of tourists. In fact, the number of foreign tourists who come to Bali continues to increase every year so that it can increase the country’s foreign exchange. To pamper tourists, entrepreneurs are competing to make hotels, beach clubs, and very attractive nightlife spots. These places can be an alternative to spending New Years Eve in Bali.


Bali Governor Wayan Koster revised a Circular (SE) requiring PCR and rapid antigen swab tests before entering Bali. The implementation of the regulation was also postponed from December 18 to December 19, 2020. Another important point of revision is the PCR swab test, which previously had a maximum of D-2 to D-7 before departure.

  1. The enactment of the SE Governor of Bali Number 2021 of 2020 from 18 December 2020 to 19 December 2020.
  2. PCR test for air transportation users who previously had a maximum of D-2 before departure to D-7 before departure.
  3. Exemptions for carrying out PCR tests in air transport are:
  4. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the PCR or rapid antibody test.
  5. Aircraft crew including onboard FOO or EOB can adjust to the SOP of each airline.
  6. Pax transit
  7. Pax from departures from areas that do not have PCR test health facilities. Upon arrival in Denpasar, a rapid antigen will be carried out at the airport at a cost to the passengers. Prices for the PCR test range from IDR 800,000-900,000. The maximum antigen rapid test is IDR 250,000. E. For divert aircraft passengers who end up delaying PCR are not required and can use the F. ASN rapid antibody, POLRI, TNI who have sudden assignments. In addition, filling in eHAC is required before passengers arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, and manual health forms are not permitted. This is so that there are no queues at the arrival area of ​​Ngurah Rai Airport.