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Unforgettable Moments in Bali, Love Each Other in the Time of Corona

If there is one thing that we know can conquer anything, the one thing we can always be sure of, and one we can always count on, it has got to be Love. Love with a capital L, the ultimate love we can offer not only to our fellow humankind, but really to everything else that is under the stars.

While the catchy title originated from an old movie portraying two people’s love journey in the time when Cholera was all over the world, our version tells a wider and greater version of the L word: Love for others.

Disasters have always been the perfect chance for us human beings to show people that we care. For whatever reason, people try to beat each other in helping people in need. This is exactly what is happening all over the world right now, including here in Bali.

Despite their own need, the more fortunate part of the society has been donating all kinds of daily necessities to the less fortunate. From fresh produces to rice, all the way to shelters, these kind people have really went out of their way to keep the others staying afloat.

As we all know, the Corona Virus Pandemic has robbed so many of us from our jobs and ways of living; and while most of the more fortunate have shown their Love by helping others in any other way, plenty of them have not.

There have been news about million-dollar companies shifting their businesses to help governments in efforts of overcoming the situation. Realtors turning malls into makeshift hospitals and care centers, landlords giving their renters three months off rent money, retail factories making safety suits for health workers and fabric masks for the society, food retails giving away free food for those in need, and so on.

However, there have also been news of people being kicked out of their homes, children getting stressed out for being at home for too long, fathers losing their jobs because their workplaces closed down, and families dying of hunger.

If this can get a smile back on your face, then do know that most Balinese people have stayed true to their natural, karma-beliving characters they have so famously been known for, and started giving back to the communities. The rich ones go hand in hand to help the poor by giving away free food and produces; some of them even deliver the food door to door to make sure every body get what they need.

What is even more amazing, is the Love shown by foreigners who have been living in Bali for years. They, whose Love for Bali are almost equal to their love for their respective countries. These amazing humans have been living and working here for so long that they have the urge to help the people in any way they can.

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Our social media feed are overwhelmed with flyers, announcing free flows of food and produces or other daily needs, along with when and where to get them. Their kitchens running day and night prepping food for people in need, their home gates opened welcoming those without shelters. Villa owners giving people free rents, and many more.

Disasters give you chance to show how much you care. Our foreigner friends whom we met in Bali, despite their beinv isolated, still managed to help their Balinese friends by donating money to trusted people whom will then buy food and produces and distribute them to the rightful owners.

We sure are happy with the amazing Love being shown by these foreigners, just as much as the Love from the locals to their own people. If there is one thing that can overcome any trouble in the world, it has got to be Love.

Now please, stay home unless you really need to go out, wear a mask when you do need to get out, and wash your hands often. Stay safe, stay healthy. Let us beat this Pandemic once and for all so we can finally go to the beach again. We kind of miss going on the beach.