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Best Vacation Activities you Can do with Your Kids in Bali

Are there any other interesting activities to do with kids in Bali?

To make it easier for you to find enjoyable holiday activities for you and your kids in Bali, we compiled some list of places and activities that you can enjoy.


  1. Canoeing at Pandawa Beach

We start from the south of Bali. Besides Kuta beach, Pandawa beach in Ungasan region could be the best alternative. Located in the same line with the famous traveller’s attractions such as Tanjung Benoa beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue, Jimbaran beach, and the famous Uluwatu temple, Pandawa is your best all-in-one options to visit.

A very wide car park is available, close to the beach. There are many eateries on the Pandawa beach which provide food and drinks at affordable food prices. The quiet wave makes it suitable for children to do swimming, and also canoeing.

The price is quite cheap as well. For a double canoe filled by two people, the rental price is IDR 50,000 / 1 hour. They also provide you a life jacket.

  1. Water sport at Tanjung Benoa

Still in the south of Bali, precisely in the area of ​​Tanjung Benoa. This area is popular for doing water-sport. There are many beach-game activities, but of all many choices, the favourites are banana boat, jet ski and parasailing.

  1. Waterboom Kuta

Who doesn’t love swimming? Kids do love to swim! And Waterboom Kuta is your best choice.

Popular as the best waterpark in South-East Asia with international standard of security, Waterboom Kuta is very famous not only amongst children, but also teens and adults. The design of waterpark is combine with the nature, with some trees.

Kids can play happily and no worries because the profesional guards are always standby. Here, kids can enjoy the thrill of sliding from various kinds of water-slides with various levels of height. If your baby is a toddler, you can also spend time relaxing in the Lazy River pool or playing in kid’s pool that is no less exciting!

  1. Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park is the largest zoo in Bali. The area is about 40 hectares and its located in Gianyar regency. You will see 60 different species of animals. Most of the animals such as lions and tigers roam freely like they are in their natural habitat.

But, is it safe to see them up close? They provide a microbus type car specifically designed so that the visitors could see them up-close but safe as well.

Besides safari, you can also see elephant shows and take pictures with orang-utan, or even the white tiger. Close to the main gate, there are big aquariums which you can see many kinds of fish.

  1. Bali Bird Park

Visiting Bali Bird Park is perfect for the whole family, moreover for your kids. It can educate them to know about bird species, especially tropical birds. The area is approximately two hectares with a beautiful garden.

Bali Bird Park is one of the largest bird parks in Indonesia which has various types of rare birds. There are approximately one thousand exotic bird species, from Indonesia and from all over the world. Approximately 1,000 poultry species from 250 species are preserved, like kaswari birds, doves, pelican birds, cranes, parrots and Bali’s starling birds. Besides birds, you can also see reptile species on the Bali Bird Park, such as Komodo, Python snakes, and crocodiles.

  1. Odyssey Submarine Bali

Seeing the fish in the aquarium is somehow boring, but how about seeing them directly through the ocean? Before, the beauty of coral reef in underwater of Bali ocean can only be seen by experienced divers using scuba dive equipment. However, now it is no longer there. You can see the beauty of the underwater world of East Bali without having to dive.

Odyssey Submarine Bali, located at Labuhan Amuk Karangasem beach, you can use a submarine, to see marine animals, underwater landscape, and coral reefs 30 meters deep with your kids. They will surely love it.

  1. Toya Devasya Natural Hot Springs

Toya Devasya is a natural hot-tub in Bali. The hot water is come from nature contains sulfur which is good for your skin. In Bali, there are several natural hot-spring baths. Namely, in northern Bali, there is Banjar hot-springs. But of all the many hot-springs in Bali, the famous one is Toya Devasya in Kintamani regency.

Only in this place, together with the kids, you can bath in hot-tubs, while enjoying the view of lake and Mount Batur.

  1. Bedugul regency

If you want a vacation to tourist attractions in the mountains, there are many plants and shady trees, with cool air, then the Bali Botanic Garden in Bedugul is a vacation spot that you should visit. It is quite popular both for domestic and foreign travellers. The uniqueness of Ulun Danu Beratan temple that looks floating above the lake-water surface, makes it always crowded with visitors. And there is also Bali’s botanical gardens which you can see a very beautiful garden and a large tree towering.

For more attractive activities, you can choose Bali Treetop Adventure Park. It is an outdoor playground located inside the Bedugul Botanical Garden. At Bali Treetop Adventure Park, you and your kids can try swinging over the tall trees. You can get fun by doing this outbound activity. Here you will be presented with 72 kinds of challenges divided into 7 levels (depending on the age), such as suspension bridge rides, passing spider webs and flying-fox rides.

It allows children and parents to test their dexterity. Exciting challenges and environment surrounded by beautiful trees are guaranteed to make us feel healthy and vibrant! Don’t worry, there are professional guards will be guiding you to use the security equipment and show you how to swing properly.

  1. Become a Pirate at Pirates Bay

Every kid would love to be imaginary, like become a pirate captain on a big ship. It turns out that in Bali there is a restaurant with a pirate theme in the Nusa Dua area, named Pirates Bay. By using bamboo tree houses and stranded pirate ships, kids can enjoy acting as pirates, while you can relax enjoying the food and drinks served there.

  1. Painting Ceramics in Jenggala

Jenggala Ceramics, which has existed for more than 35 years in Bali with its quality hand-made ceramics, has a workshop that is open to the public where you and your kids can spend all day painting and colouring ready-made ceramics. If you feel bored, of course you can spend time at a cafe in a workshop or shopping at their ceramic shop.

  1. Nature Tourism at Green Camp

Most children are now too sticky with iPads or their electronic gadgets. Let’s invite them to enjoy nature more by following a 3-5-day camp at Green Camp. If you want them to be more socialized, send them to Kids Only Adventure Camp. Let them interact more with peers and nature, like we enjoyed our childhood before, without sophisticated gadgets.

  1. Finding Nemo with Sea Walker

Another exciting activity that you can do with your kids is Sea Walker, which is basically a short diving to see ornamental fish at Sanur beach by using a special helmet. No need special skills or diving license to enjoy Sea Walker because with their special equipment, you can easily walk and breathe like you are on land.

  1. Devdan Show

The Devdan is an art-show which is very amazing for you and your kids to watch if you guys want to know more about Indonesian culture in a form of theatre show. It teaches knowledge and introduces Indonesian archipelago culture. Starting from Balinese culture, Sumatra culture, Javanese culture, Borneo culture and Papuan culture.


Here are some safe travel tips for you and your kids.

Bali is identical with the white sand beach. However, the sea breeze and hot sun lights could be a risk for some kids, even adults. Therefore, a much-needed medicine for children, febrifuge and a thermometer is need to be prepared. Besides that, don’t forget to bring sun cream and mosquito repellent cream.

If your kids have health problems that require special medication, please discuss before the holidays first with your child’s paediatrician. It would be better if you ask for a letter from the doctor about the kid’s health condition. If your kids need special medication, make sure to get a prescription from a doctor, so it will be easier to get the medicine while on vacation in Bali.

Baby equipment such as diapers, baby clothes, cutlery, baby oil, are certainly things you don’t want to forget while on vacation in Bali. Although looking for diapers or baby equipment in Bali is very easy, you still need a time to shop. To avoid forgetfulness of baby equipment, you should make a list of items that must be carried. When packing, use the list to remember and check the items you have to carry.

And when everything is set… Finally, enjoy your vacation time, buddies!