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Indonesians are Obsessed With This G20 Meeting 2022 In Bali

President Joko Widodo has formally invited world leaders of G20 countries to Bali next year, as Indonesia assumes the G20 Presidency following the end of this year’s summit in Rome.

At the closing event of the G20 Rome Summit last night, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi formally handed over the forum’s presidency to Jokowi, which was marked by a symbolic hitting of a gavel.  “We will entertain all of you honorable ladies and gentlemen, in open space, on the beautiful beaches of Bali to inspire innovative ideas for the productivity of G20 in the future,” Jokowi said, according to an official statement.

President Jokowi further said Indonesian Presidency will adopt the theme ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’ to encourage joint efforts for world economic recovery. Inclusive, people-centered, environmentally friendly, and sustainable growth is the main commitment of Indonesia as the Chair of G20. “Those efforts must be carried out in extraordinary ways, especially through a stronger global collaboration, and relentless innovation.

The G20 must be the motor of ecosystem development that drives the collaboration and innovation,” he added. In addition, the President invited the attending world leaders to continue the discussion at Indonesian G20 Summit which will be held on 30-31 October 2022 in Bali. “We will host Your Excellencies in the open air, on the beautiful stretch of Bali beaches, which inspires innovative ideas for the productivity of G20 in the future. See you in Indonesia. I Thank you,” President Jokowi remarked.

The 2022 G20 Bali, Indonesia summit is the upcoming seventeenth meeting of Group of Twenty (G20), the summit scheduled to take place in Bali, Indonesia, in 2022. Indonesia’s presidency will begin to take course from 1 December 2021 up to the summit on fourth quarter of 2022. Handover ceremony of the presidency will be taken by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo from Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the closing of Rome summit.

The 2022 G20 Bali, Indonesia aimed for: Promoting national economic resilient and efforts for recovery over the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic; Promoting Indonesia’s achievement in reformation and democracy; Promoting Indonesia’s leadership and commitment towards global issues; Promoting culture, tourism and creative industries; Optimizing other national interests.

Indonesia’s priorities. Minister of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Johnny G, Plate stated that there are three priorities in the Indonesia’s presidency of 2022 G20. The priorities are: Post-pandemic COVID-19 recovery and connectivity among global governments; Increasing digital literacy and skills towards global for the people interconnection; and Cross-border data flow.

During the G20 Presidency, Indonesia will raise the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, which reflects the spirit of collective recovery with the world. This spirit is reflected in the logo of the G20 Indonesia Presidency. With red-and-white color base, and the design that combines the silhouette of the gunungan and the kawung batik motif, the G20 Indonesia Presidency logo clearly shows the identity of Indonesia. The gunungan motif depicts life in the universe, especially the movement towards a new chapter. It reflects optimism and enthusiasm to recover from the pandemic, and enter a new chapter of green and inclusive development. Meanwhile, the kawung batik motif reflects the spirit to be useful to others.

In the context of the G20, this illustrates the determination of the Indonesia’s G20 Presidency to promote world recovery, after two years the world has struggled to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. In this collective recovery process, G20 must be present inclusively, not only paying attention to the interests of its member countries but also the whole world, including developing countries, small island countries, and the vulnerable.

Just like the DNA of Indonesia’s foreign policy, the tendrils show Indonesia’s Presidency as a ‘bridge builder’ and a ‘part of solution’. In addition to combining the two motifs above, the logo of the G20 Indonesia Presidency also appears as tendril of a plant that continues to grow. Tendril is a representation of a green, inclusive and sustainable recovery spirit. A passion to take advantage of the momentum of the Presidency to ensure the world builds forward better.

To complete the philosophy of this logo, at the bottom there is the wordings of G20 Indonesia. It is written in dark blue, which represents Indonesia’s identity as a maritime country – the vast sea; rich in resources and has the power to connect the world and nations. As a maritime country, the sea is very close to the lives of the Indonesian people.

For Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, the philosophy of the sea also represents developing countries and small islands that Indonesia aims to embrace. The ocean is a source of growth, and with good management it can help communities achieve sustainable economic recovery. The logo design is the work of young Indonesians through a competition conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Graphic Designers (ADGI). This shows that the ability and creativity of young Indonesians are very capable in inventing and innovating.

As the host country for the 2022 summit and hold the presidency, Indonesia commits to arrange such meetings, as follows:

  1. 2022 G20 Bali, Indonesia summit;
  2. 2022 G20 Indonesia Ministerial and Central Bank Governors (Finance Track) meeting;
  3. 2022 G20 Indonesia Sherpa (Sherpa Track) meeting;
  4. 2022 G20 Indonesia Deputies meeting;
  5. 2022 G20 Indonesia Working Group agenda;
  6. 2022 G20 Indonesia Engagement Group agenda;
  7. 2022 G20 Indonesia Side Events;

This event will held several agendas, such:

  1. Business of Twenty (B20)
  2. Civil of Twenty (C20)
  3. Labor of Twenty (L20)
  4. Think of Twenty (T20)
  5. Science of Twenty (S20)
  6. Supreme Audit Institution of Twenty (SAI20)
  7. Parliament of Twenty (T20)
  8. Urban of Twenty (U20)
  9. Youth of Twenty (Y20)
  10. Woman of Twenty (W20)

The President explained that Indonesia’s strength in the G20 will encourage joint efforts for world economic recovery with the big theme Recover Together, Recover Stronger. Inclusive, people-centered, environmentally friendly, and sustainable growth is the main commitment of Indonesia’s leadership in the G20. “These efforts must be carried out in an extraordinary way, especially through a stronger world collaboration, and continuous innovation. The G-20 must be the motor of ecosystem development that drives this collaboration and innovation. This is something we must continue to deepen at these meetings. We must continue to deepen this in our future meetings,” he said.