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Hydromedical IV Vitamin Therapy for your active life

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Achieve Consistent Energy

Energy and wellness are the key to achieve a happy and balance life. It shaped by many factors such as genetics, environments, nutrition and activities. All human being needs energy and wellness though if they are not involved in any physical activities.  One other components which is also important is skin health. Healthy skin is our first line body defense from bacteria. It also protects us form the sun’s rays that can damage the cells.

Outdoor and over activities ( travelling, running etc. ) bring out all the energy and electrolyte from our body and the effect is decreasing body fitness.  Easily fatigue, headache, dehydration, even syncope are the symptoms. In addition, those activities in a period of time also will affect the skin such as dehydrating and ageing skin.  In order to re-energize it, we should take a rest, eat healthy foods, and some people take oral or intravenous supplements, to get a good nutrition for body cells.

Nutrition composed of macro and micronutrient. Macronutrient is important to produce energy and micronutrient helps cell metabolism also as antioxidant. Vitamin is one of the micronutrients which has vital role in our body although we only need in small quantities to sustain life. Vitamin plays a role as it works to perform particular metabolic function. Each vitamin has specific function, such as vitamin C for collagen synthesis while vitamin B help the skin and nervous system works properly.

We can usually get all micronutrients especially vitamins in our foods. Recently, most people become simpler, both oral and intravenous (IV) vitamins are widely chosen. IV vitamin gives a solution for people who wants rapid result. If you choose the oral one, the vitamins need to be absorbed and metabolized first by the gut, enter the circulation and travel to the cells. In contrast to oral, IV vitamin bypasses the process by entering the circulation and travel to the cells to do their function. So the effect is faster.

The benefit of IV vitamins are increasing cell metabolism and produce energy readily, so it can be as energy booster. Also the IV vitamins, especially vitamin C, have beneficial effects on skin cells. It acts as antioxidant and play in hydroxylation of collagen and it is necessary to support the epidermis thus the skin keep young, moist and healthy. So, if you are an active person and have a lot of activities, the vitamin therapy may help you.