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Hi! This is us, Hydro Medical. Your Best Holiday Mate in Bali

WHEN talking about the Island of Bali, what does come to your mind? Are they world-class culture, delicious specialties or beautiful nature like in paradise or unique hangout for a party to spend the night with your soul mate or friends on vacation?


Abundant interesting activities that can be done in Bali make you confused with the options available. Finally, Google will be your solution to the confusion. If you open Google search engine and search for ‘fun things to do in Bali,’ there will be so many things you will find ranging from outdoor to indoor activities that are ready to accompany your vacation in Bali. A number of activities can be included in your to do list with friends.


You can have trekking, cycling or visit a temple. Everything seems a mandatory activity that you cannot miss. Moreover, what make you always feel Bali is the paradise of party where you may be even too excited so that ignore the main points to be kept, namely your health. How can you enjoy all the fun activities if you get the flu? You get a hangover because of over control, or you even get sick because vitamins in your body do not support you totally. Eww, it’s a big no!!


If a disease or health problem comes, who will be the hero to kill the bacteria? This is reason for Hydro Medical to come. We are ready to be a shield for you wishing to have fun but away from the word ‘sick.’ How often do you get dizziness and nausea or ​​vomiting for prolonged hangover? Refreshing package becomes so important thing to overcome the problem. It is a 20-30 minute treatment provided by Hydro Medical with the facilities of 500 ml of IV hydration electrolytes and free lactate, Hydrating isotonic drink, oral anti-nausea medicine or painkillers.


After hangover is over, immune problems struck. Calm down! Simply try to have a trial of the IV vitamin energy booster. This is intravenous (IV) administration of vitamin. Provision of IV vitamin is not just for sick people as it is also mentioned to help prevent illness. Hydro Medical offers ‘Hydro’s Basic Myers Cocktail drip’ that functions to boost your energy, detoxify liver as well as relieve jet lag problem, cold and flu symptoms.


Treatment process running for 30 minutes is ready to serve you with 500ml of IV hydration, IV vitamin B complex, IV vitamin C + Collagen and IV Glutathione.


So what are you waiting for any longer? You must have FUN during your holidays on the Island of Bali. For more information, please check to the following address:


Hydro Medical Bali

E-mail: info.hydromedical@gmail.com
Phone: +62 85 100 880 911
Address: Jalan Batu Belig, No. 88 A Kerobokan, North Kuta, Badung, Bali – 80361