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Hangout Places in Petitenget to Go During the Pandemic

We know, we know, this might sound a little controversial, given the hard time we are currently in; but let us just all be honest here.

We have been staying home for the past six or so months, and whether we like it or not, it seems like the virus is not going anywhere in the near future. While some of us have the privilege of doing our work from home, the reality is, so many of us simply can’t.

Aside from working, we think that it is perfectly human to feel bored and want to get out every once in a while. Got to let that steam go somehow, right? Well, as long as we are taking safety measures and follow the protocols, we encourage you to have a little time outside from home just to keep you in balance.

If you are tired of cooking the same meals over and over again, then by all means, go out and eat something nice… safely. Here we compile three hangout places to go to in Petitenget area, that operate with health protocols to keep you safe.

  1. Shi Shi Petitenget

If you love Asian cuisine, this is THE place for you. Located in the most sophisticated Seminyak, Shishi is a new vibrant dining spot for those who love Pan-Asian culinary experience. Set across three floors, Shishi offers a stylish eye-catching restaurant, a large club and a stunning rooftop. Offering a classic Asian favourites with a modern twist inspired Chinese dishes, paired with Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines, Shishi Bali makes a unique entry to the Seminyak restaurant scene. Here are the short guide for you who are interested in trying out the place.


A trendy dining space designed by Collaboration between MMK Concepts & Usher Design combines contemporary Chinese and classic Southeast Asian design.


A late night hideaway bringing a taste of iconic club to party in Seminyak. This is a standout spot welcomes crowds of music-lovers who like a house and techno.


A rooftop floor showcasing a full cocktail bar and booth seating, open for dinner until late every day for trendy millennials.

Like usual, they demand to check your body temperature and for you to wash your hands before stepping in their vicinity. We never know, right?

  1. Corner House

Like its name, this cozy place is comfortably nested on a hook with a very nice view of the (once busy) Kayuaya street in Petitenget area. The sofas are perfect for a short getaway from home with a nicely curated menu to choose from. Eat your lunch under the shades to keep you from the harsh Bali sun and lounge around for a while before you head back home. As you may know already by now, you will be checked for body temperatures before they allow you to come in. You know, just to be sure you are in your top condition and will not bring yourself and everyone else any harm.

  1. La Favela

You might roll your eyes on this one, but the previously jam-packed party house has now changed into a much quieter place to dine in. Their outdoor and upstairs area are now dedicated for eating quarters, and with all those yummy dishes waiting for you to choose, you can’t really go wrong here. A check for body temperature is a must, so is washing your hands. Dancing is also doable, if you dare doing it alone, but if you’re a bit shy like us, you might want to do it in a more low-key way like swaying your body in your seats. Oh well, at least you get some time off the house, don’t you? Let’s just hope that this virus go away, or they find the cure soon, so we can go back partying like we could before.

There you are, three hangout places you can try during the pandemics that will hopefully have you lounge in peace without fearing to get the nasty C19. However, remember that it is still better to stay at home and reduce any unnecessary plan to go out. If you can, try scheduling a once-a week (or, even better, every two weeks) trip outside the home. Stay safe and see you next time!