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The Passionate Gypsy Bast, Celebrating Women’s Sensuality with Love, Yoga and dance

This is fascinating! when you mix the all-over spiritually peaceful Balinese ambience with the power of women, you’ll get Gypsy Bast. A unique name isnt’t it?

You might be wondering, who is Gypsy Bast?

She’s a world-reknown yogi/dancer/choreographer/meditation teacher/pilates master, you know what, we honestly think there’s nothing this amazing woman can’t do.

Okay, anyway, she was one of the presenters in this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, an annual Body and Soul Health Festival held in our very own green paradise, Ubud, Bali.

Now if you’re into all thing’s nature and yoga, you definitely have to come to the festival, at least once in your lifetime. It’s a really fun place to get knowledge, entertainment, and even fresh organic produces for your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s the deal, on the note of the International Women’s Day being celebrated this month, we find it only befitting for Gypsy to talk about sex, love and yoga in her inspiring, fun, and powerful way; empowering women to be more in sync with their bodies and sexuality in a transformative way.

Want to know the best part?

With her uplifting and positive attitude, Gypsy made it sound so fun and easy for us women to be more expressive about what we want (and do not want) in regard of our sexuality.

It gets better, after a whole session with the Dancing Gypsy, you will definitely feel refreshed as she inspires her students to cultivate self-care, love, awareness, and pleasure practice; overcoming blocks and traumas to meet an awaken inner-strength, and even to heal ourselves subconsciously.

They are truly an amazing experience, if you ask us. She is so positive and full of life that it felt like she sparks energy to everyone in the festival.

Of course we can’t share too much about what she coached since it was her intellectual property, but please feel free to visit her  page here. We got a strong feeling that you’re all going to like her as much as we do. Namaste.