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With millions of foreign tourists visiting each year, most Balinese rely on income from the tourism sector.

Covid19 outbreak is making Bali’s tourism, especially on the economic side, in the verge of collapse.

After the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs announced a travel ban in March which meant that only Indonesian citizens, diplomats and family members could enter the country, some of the most popular areas on the island of Bali became vacant.

Given how much Indonesia depends on the tourism industry, the decision to close the arrival of foreigners is not an easy step. Some consider that the decision could be a major disaster for the island.

The impact of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) is felt in the business and economic. In a short amount of time, marketing strategy is also changed, especially when the term of physical distancing and work from home were applied.

Marketers have to turn their brains to market their products or services to consumers, as a brand strategy to survive amid the corona virus pandemic. Businesses optimize online marketing and digital branding as a means of communication with their target consumers.

Some business sectors that have the potential to decrease in sales are workshops, restaurants, salons, spas, properties, mice, tour & travel, hotels, transportation, airlines, malls, and fashion.

Even so, there are several business sectors that have the potential to be stable and tend to increase, such as health products, e-commerce, minimarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, herbal shops, internet providers, video conferencing service providers, and mobile learning applications.

To be able to survive in the midst of this pandemic, the seller must be able to focus on digital marketing through websites that are used as e-commerce, social media, search engines, and also sales through the marketplace. They must quickly adapt to the implementation of social distancing. Because it is certainly very influential for major changes in trends in consumer behaviour in shopping.

As for the culinary, they are now starting to switch their products to “ready to eat”, “ready to cook”, “ready to drink” and some of them are frozen food as well, which are promoted through the marketplace with delivery service. Food delivery or food delivery services are now increasingly popular in Bali.

It is practical, fast, and easy to make many people rely on this service. First, you order it from mobile application like Go-Jek or Grab food, and then the orders from customers will be sent using a car or motorcycle with special packaging.

Moreover, Go-Jek launches contactless delivery. This new service is one of GoFood’s ongoing method in supporting the government’s physical distancing activities, to minimize the spread of covid19. Gojek said that they were proactively and consistently made various efforts to ensure security in the entire Gojek ecosystem, including the GoFood service through proactive steps to minimize the virus spreading.

This food delivery option without direct physical contact is one of the quick solutions they have developed to improve culinary experiences in a safe, quiet and comfortable home.

There are three easy steps for GoFood customers to be able to choose food delivery without direct contact via the text messaging option in the chat feature. Second, after ordering and getting a driver, open the Chat feature from within your GoFood order to communicate with the driver, and select one of the instant messages that have been provided such as “Please put it in front of the fence or door, and let me know if you’ve arrived or please leave at lobby.” If the customer chooses the contactless delivery option, the driver partner will send photos via chat as a proof that the food has been placed at the agreed place. easy, right?

Furthermore, GoFood also increases security by providing a Body Temperature Marker Card that contains information about the body temperature of the driver who handle the ordered food, the merchant partner employee who cooks, the employee who prepares the food, and the driver partner who delivers the food. The aim is to ensure safety and keep food hygiene in the hands of customers. The safety and health of the entire Gojek ecosystem is its top priority.

Evidently, online food orders now have jumped dramatically. This was revealed by Head of Regional Corporate Affairs of Gojek itself. He said the number of food orders in Badung area was increase by 11 percent. In Denpasar, GoFood’s revenue as well as orders increase 12 percent. Gojek is flooded with food orders from consumers who prefer to be active and at home. In fact, they also want to continue to eat favourite foods. Thanks to food ordering applications such as online motorcycle taxis, they also choose to maximize it even though they have to pay more.

There are several types of food most often ordered during a pandemic. These foods are ayam geprek (fried smack down chicken), fried rice, and contemporary coffee drinks. The highest order time occurs at 18.00-20.00 which occurs before Ramadan, and at 16.00-19.00 WIB when Ramadan arrives.

The increase in food orders via online motorcycle taxis has occurred since the beginning of May 2020. Gojek claimed to have increased food order transactions by 10 percent compared to the previous month. Some snack sellers also experienced a profit thanks to an increase in orders by 30 percent. Not only are online motorcycle taxi drivers happy, food and snack businesses have also been greatly helped by this, to overcome the difficult times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are optimistic that together, there must be a way to continue to survive through this difficult time.

However, while staying at home, there are also many creative people who create food recipes using ingredients that are easily available at the nearest supermarket or maybe the ingredients at home. The following are the most popular food products on social media as food recipes:

  1. Full Cream Milk

This full cream milk is a mandatory drink for some people in the morning or before going to bed, but lately it has become popular because of its use as an ingredient for making contemporary coffee, puddings and much more.

  1. Biscuits

Biscuits are the most sought-after ingredients, especially Regal and Oreo biscuits, which are used as ingredients for contemporary beverages and banofee desert boxes.

  1. Coffee

Coffee, especially black coffee is also becoming a very sought-after ingredient at the moment because it is the basic ingredient of contemporary drinks such as iced milk coffee and dalgona coffe.

  1. Corn-starch

Ingredients for making this cake are also very much sought after at this time because of its use as a material for making pudding or sweet food.

  1. Chocolate milk powder

Chocolate milk powder is also a very popular ingredient and is sought after because of its use as a current beverage ingredient and also an additional ingredient in dessert.

So, what do you do in this time around? Did you also contribute to increasing online food orders during the pandemic? What food do you usually order? Whatever you ordered, you guys have been helped the locals by support them in economic side.

And if you try to prefer to learn something new at home, it’s okay, it’s also helped the society to recover real soon. As always, keep washing those hands, use facemask and stay healthy, amigo!