Have you ever wondered how Bali was discovered? Who was the first traveler discovered Bali?

Bali is known as the most popular island holiday destination in Indonesia for many years. Home to an ancient culture as well as its warm hospitality. The natural scenery like rice fields, stunning beach and beautiful hills are some of its top attraction. In gastronomy sides, Bali presents endless choices of local or even international cuisine.

After sunset, famous nightspots come to life offering exciting ambience for clubbing, packed with a dance floors. As for the land itself, the towering volcanoes and pristine jungles welcome you with full of things to see and to do. For the beach, most of them can’t stay away from it, also known for its waves, Bali’s beaches becomes home of tremendous surf spots. All those things are the treasure for many travelers around the world.

It is a long story, when Bali became known for Westerners. The history itself have an influence on the tourism development. The main thing that makes Bali famous for its tourism certainly not because of beaches, mountains and other natural charm. It is because of the value of aesthetics cultural arts based on Hinduism, and the nature of flexibility and tolerance of the Balinese that makes tourism of Bali is growing.

The history of the development of Bali tourism can be traced, since the arrival of Dutch sailors in 1597 led by Captain Cornelius de Houtman. This is Bali’s first contact with their first travelers, the Europeans.

It is said that many of the ship crews did not want to leave the island, because they are very interested and fascinated by the prosperity and art of Balinese culture. When the Dutch returned to Bali after a few years, the Dutch were no longer interested in Balinese art and culture, they are more interested in making profit.

In 1710 there was a chaos between many kingdoms in Bali. This situation is seen by the Dutch as a great opportunity to conquer Bali. In 1894 the Dutch chose to support the Sasaks of Lombok in a rebellion. The Sasak tribe on the island of Lombok was part of the Balinese kingdom, and the Dutch made the Sasak Lombok tribe wanted to separate themselves from the Balinese kingdom. That was the time when the Dutch began to move in, using the old policy of divide and conquer. After some bloody battles, the Balinese were defeated Lombok, and north Bali was firmly under Dutch control.

In 1906, Dutch warships landed on the coast of Sanur and precisely on 20 September 1906 the great war was inevitable. The Dutch army has a modern weapon and made the royal troops of Badung lose the war. This made King of Badung become really ashamed, and it was leading to a big war name Puputan War by all kingdoms in Bali, except Gianyar and Karangasem Kingdom who prefer to surrender. Therefore they were allowed by the Dutch to retain their power on condition under the Dutch instructions. With the end of the big war, then all the areas on the island of Bali became the territory of the Dutch.

During the Dutch period in Bali, besides establishing the government and trading system, they were also promoting the island to the international world. Well, this is where the beginning of Bali’s tourism development. It all started when the number of foreign artists who choose to settle in Ubud area. Their artwork was indirectly promoted the island as an exotic place to visit.

What do you think of this brief Bali first traveller history?