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The Exotic Nuances Of Behind Cliffs Melasti Beach

Previously a hidden beach but now has become quite famous, Melasti Beach which is located in Desa Ungasan South Kuta, is one of the most exotic beaches in Bali because of its location.

Located behind a cliff, a towering limestone hill to be exact. It has almost the same historical story as the Pandawa Beach.

The name Melasti Beach itself was taken after “Melasti”, which means a Hindu Balinese purification ceremony and ritual which held three days prior to Nyepi (The Day of Silence) holy day which has to be conducted on beach shorelines. So therefore, for your information, there are many beaches in Bali that is called Melasti. Make sure which Melasti beach in Bali you want to visit. Do not get confused between Melasti beach in Ungasan in South Kuta with the Melasti beach Tanah Lot in Tabanan regency.

To reach the location, first visitors must pass through a winding road which was made after splitting a limestone hill so on each side of the road to the beach you will see towering limestone walls. As you curve and turn along the limestone cliffs, you will be treated by many stunning views of the scenic landscape. Usually visitors and tourists will take time to take pictures in the middle of the road due to the unique and mesmerizing view.

The closer you get to the beach, the better view and feeling you experience. As you arrive, you’ll pass through giant winding cliffs which give you perfect outlook view to the beach. Incredible beach view with insanely stunning color gradations of sea water, especially when the weather is sunny, most probably can make your jaw drop and surely leave you speechless. White long coast, wide horizontal line view and the greatest view is especially when you’re on top of the limestone hill. With this kind of view as far as your eyes could see, along with the cool sea breeze, though maybe you’re under an afternoon hot sun, will make all your stress and tiredness fade away. A quiet and calming feeling soon take over and it will be guaranteed that you will be happy and relax for the rest of the day. Although the beach shoreline is not as spacious as the Pandawa Beach but other all make the long drive worth it. In the past times, you need to climb down hundreds of stairs before you reach the beach.

Though Bali beaches will be awesome to visit at any times, it is best if you visit in dry season which is April-September. Note that July to September are the most ideal months to visit this beach, and many other beaches in Bali, since it has little rain and sometimes no rain at all so you can experience and enjoy your beach trip in the fullest way. Overall climate of the place is pleasant due the geographic location of the region.

The secluded location before the Melasti Beach is still not widely known by visitors and tourists. However, after the opening the road access to the beach by splitting the cliffs makes Melasti Beach extraordinary and no inferior to Pandawa Beach. There is no direct public transport to get there but nowadays people can easily visit with vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. For backpackers it is best to rent a motorbike/scooter to reach this beach and use Google Map as your navigator. If you’re a traveler, alone or with family or friends, and decide to use a car you should find a rental car along with its Bali driver and fuel because the road leading to the beach is a winding road with a steep slope.

Entrance to Melasti Beach will cost you around 5K IDR per person, 5K IDR for car and 2K IDR for motorbike parking. You’ll be charged both for parking and entrance upon arrival. There are bathrooms that have showers and squatter toilets also change rooms on the beach you can use for 5K IDR.

The ocean waves on the beach is not big and calm so therefore is very suitable for visitors and tourists who love to swim  or even canoeing in low tide. If you like snorkeling, do not forget to bring your snorkeling gear due to the water is very clear and the gorgeous underwater scenery. Melasti Beach is the perfect spot to go snorkeling where you can enjoy your water-ride and also relax amidst the pristine views.

Visitors and tourists also come to have just to having a relaxing time on the beach while enjoying sunbathing. On the surface of the sand you still can find white corals and a lot of little crabs. Popular also on the coast are starfish and schools of colored fish that are completely not afraid of people and swim so close to the coast which makes the underwater world can be seen even without a swim mask. People also try to wait until sunset time though Melasti Beach is not the perfect place to enjoy sunset scenery due to the beach’s location.

If you want to grab some lunch on the beach, you can also find a variety of local restaurants lined up all along the car park. Majority of them are selling everything from traditional Indonesian noodles, to burgers, fries to beer, fresh coconut and all kind of juices and smoothies. So there are plenty of something for everybody.

If you visit after lunch time once the tide has gone out you will be able to relax on still water all afternoon. At moments of low tides you can find small pool of clear water, which will you a fresh place to soak.

Nothing is more refreshing than jumping to calm crystal clear water. One thing that makes this Melasti Beach stands out compared to some other beaches in the whole Island is that the locals who own the beach take a very good care of it and make sure that there will not be any rubbish along the sand as well as in the water. So if you’re looking for the clearest waters and the best beach on the Island, then this beach is your spot.

Near the shoreline there is a temple-shaped building that’s usually be used as photo object by visitors. It is also very interesting to know that there are times especially during dry season you can also notice many couples, mostly not locals, come and do either their pre-wedding or wedding photo shoots. The back ground for the photo shoots will be the cliff or the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.  “a hotspot for wanna be brides and grooms for pre-wedding photo shoot”, said some travelers.

Melasti Beach is truly the perfect spot to enjoy a chill day with your family, friends & loved ones!