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Pretty Poison Canggu, This Is the Place Where the Hypest Go to When They Feel Like Channeling Their Inner Skateboarder

Canggu, 2018. With the raving happening along this soon to be ended year, we feel that it’s safe for us to crown Canggu as the next best thing in Bali, Indonesia.

Heavily dubbed Ubud by the Sea for its luscious greeneries and surrounding paddy fields, it’s no secret that the young and hypest of both international and local tourists are flocking the area for the convenience of having both of Bali’s best features, all the way having the balanced choice of clubs and shalas.

Among these young and hype tourists are those whose expat parents do live and work within the island, bound for some two or three years, and sometimes way longer. These are the ones worshipped by the seasonal tourists, looked upon and even considered as “locals.” Besides going to school like the rest of young people across the world, these young people do a myriad of other things, skateboarding being one of the things they enjoy doing most.

If you’re staying around Canggu and you’re kinda into this skating thing, then make sure you take a look at this rad place called Pretty Poison. Even if you’re not so young anymore, being among these crazy youngsters will bring you straight back to that era when Tony Hawk and skate shops were the coolest thing in the world. Look at those young’uns soaring to the sky with their boards or sometimes bikes, you won’t regret it. It’ll even make some cool sequence for your video contents, right?

Located in the area known as the Canggu Shortcut, Pretty Poison offers you not only an extreme sport arena, but also a one-stop entertainment space. When you feel like you’ve spent enough time cheering for the kids and the boards, simply back away from the crowd and go to the bar. The drinks they’re selling here are considerably nice and just right for you to enjoy while dancing to the DJ’s set. Just to consider, the bar will feel a bit hot when they reach peak hours so you might want to bring your drinks outside to the cool and breezy Canggu air. Skateboards, bars, DJs, young people, what else do you need more?

Be careful, though, and do remember not to try winning a drinking game with these youngsters as they will predictably win, especially due to the fact that their young bodies are at the peak of life and can conquer almost anything put inside. You, on the other hand, will definitely feel miserable the day after, feeling sick in your stomach and probably saying no to any activity your friend invites you to. No worries, though. Simply come to Hydro Medical’s Canggu clinic and get yourself fixed up by our signature Hydro’s Premium Myers Cocktail. Packed with all the necessities your body needs after such a wild night, this awesome booster will also clean your liver, rehydrate, and energize yourself for another amazing day in Bali. So what are you waiting for? Give Pretty Poison a try and tell us what you think. Enjoy your stay!