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Canggu is definitely the Next Best Thing in Bali and here is Why You Should Give It a Try

People! Now we give you: Canggu …

Located just a mere hour from Kuta area – or less when the traffic allows – this developing little area is bringing fresh island experience back to the surface of the holiday crowd.

With lush greenery made of paddy fields and somewhat virgin beaches to go to, Canggu has been collecting more and more people to visit every holiday season. Why are those people there? Well, here’s why.

With a relatively quieter ambience compared to Kuta’s famous night life specialty, Canggu is the new Yoga destination alongside Ubud; proved with the many Yoga shalas and retreat facilities scattered around the area, complete with vegan-friendly resto and cafes to stay fit and healthy.

We wrote an article about the best yoga shalas in Canggu if you want some recommendations, although we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding a health retreat package that will suit your preference the best by doing some browsing on the internet, too.

If yoga is not really your thing and you’re coming here to party every day; then no worries, Canggu has those, too!

In fact, the area has been so hyped among the younger travelers and more sunset parties have been made here than it has ever been.

From the Lawn, Old Man’s, La Brissa and La Favella, it’s really just a matter of choice where you want to party at. Even better, you may not have to choose at all and just go to different places every day! Marvelous, right?

These places offer you chilled and laid-back ambience combined with gorgeous décor that will definitely please your eyes.

Don’t worry about the crowd too as they tend to be more sophisticated than the ones you usually meet circa Legian street.

Canggu and its growing communities definitely has a promising future judging by the look of it; we just hope the development would be better planned and the greeneries would still be there.

Well, Canggu or not, you should always keep yourself safe and healthy during your holiday if you want to check everything on your list.

It would be a shame, isn’t it, flying those hours just to get sick and having to spend days on bed instead of having fun outside with your friends?

You know what they say, better be safe than sorry. With Hydro Med’s new Canggu branch, there’s nothing to be worried about. We’ll take care of you and make sure you get the best Bali experience!