When Balinese return to fishing and farming while Bali tourism is closed

Bali, along with most travel destinations across the globe, is slowly rising from the death. This tiny island is home for thousands, if not millions, of businesses, small and large, that have been dying these past six months. With the New Normal Era coming up, we are seeing these Lazaruses rising from the death, which is surely a good sign for our livelihood in the island.

Although most of the Kuta and Seminyak Area are stil eerily empty, we can gladly report that it is not the case in Canggu Area. This hype region of North Kuta seems to be the IT place for expats and tourists alike, roaring cheerfully with a new spirit. Yes, Bali is slowly getting back on its two feet, and we are here to pat them in the back and shout, “Welcome Back!”

As we all know, humanbeings will always need food. Among all the other businesses, more and more restaurants and cafes are reopening their doors to welcome customers; and we gladly go to their embrace with a longing feel of hanging outside the house.

With the New Normal health protocols are being applied, we feel no worries coming to these places as they check for our body temperature and insist that we wash our hands first before going into their vicinities. Many places that previously apply minimum cover charge upon entering have cancelled the policy and welcome everyone.

Little by little, Wedding venues and organizers are concocting new formulas to host a safe wedding ceremony and reception that will protect the guests from getting the wretched virus.

This, in turn, is slowly giving back the wedding musicians their jobs back. More and more places and parties are having some kind of entertainment for their guests and by what we see, it seems like the best strategy as more guests are coming to such places.

Transportation and delivery businesses are also doing great with this stay-at-home thing going on, as so many people choose to use their service and have things delivered to their house, all with the convenience of scrolling through their phone screens.

All in all, the tourism industry that this amazing island relies so much on is slowly gaining its weight back and giving everybody a glimpse of new hope we desperately need to survive. Hopefully everything is going to back to normal and things are going to be okay, once more.

If you can, please help small businesses and shop locally. Let us make the community great again. Well, until later and see you next time!